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Which hero to merge?

Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by 4dbest, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. 4dbest

    4dbest Member

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    I finally have 200000 feathers now I'm tempted to get my first merge hero I have enough copies of these hero but I don't know If they are worth it.Eliwood Virion Draug Gordin Corrin Olivia Cherche Est Hannah or Donnel?Only Corrin I don't have the spd type most I have the speed or atk bane
  2. MitsuBlue23

    MitsuBlue23 Member

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    I suggest your unit with the best/most optimal IVs. And out of the ones you listed, I suggest Olivia as you can never go wrong. But really, you can try to do the +10 merge for a 4* Olivia. If you want to merge a 5* hero, I'd go with Cherche out of all these. Idk how you are using or how you have Draug built, but if he's not fully built, I'd suggest not even using him and just going with Black Knight. Hana and Donnel are good units as well, Est is great if you have her fully built, but she's expensive so I don't recommend investing in her units she's one of your waifus and you can afford to.

    Long story short, go by IVs, and if they are good, the character order IMO should be Olivia at 4*, and the others at 5* like Cherche (Brave Build), Hana and Donnel (though can do amazing like Olivia at 4* merges as well).

    Btw, f2p units over the ones you listed, I suggest you dump the following for:
    Eliwood -> Xander
    Draug -> Zephiel/Black Knight

    UNLESS you have them built. Hopefully you can pull a Klein/Jeorge/Leon and replace Gordin and Virion, but they're not bad for f2p.

    IVs you want for the following:

    Olivia - +Spd naturally so she can double more opponents and also prevent doubles on her end, good boon for a dancer unit, but if you want to use more offensively on your team as not only a dancer, but as your offensive red/sword unit, +Atk is great with the Wo Dao+ build or Ruby Sword to take care of Hectors and for color triangle advantage.

    Cherche - Brave users always want +Atk. That's it.

    Hana - Pretty much same as Olivia. +Atk secures more KO's and allows her to become more of a threat, but +Spd is great as always. Also depends on your team composition and what buffs you have available.
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  3. Evan

    Evan Active Member

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    At first, I was going to say “none of them” but realized you said 200,000 feathers, not 20,000.

    As mentioned earlier, Olivia is not a bad choice. She could end up being a really solid dancer ._. Give her Dc or something. Personally, I wouldnt reccomend 4 Star +10 but I guess it’s just preference and a few stat points
  4. Rukfit

    Rukfit Member

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    Just curious why you would not recommend 4* +10? If you have lots of the same 4* unit but don' feel like using a bunch of feathers, a 4*+10 ends up with a higher BST than an unmerged 5*.

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