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Titania Build?

Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by Nankaina, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Nankaina

    Nankaina Member

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    Okay, but none of that Distant Counter BS. I've got a long queue of units prepared to learn that the moment I pull a Hector, and Titania is not on it.

    That said, she's my only green horsie (because Cecilia is too expensive to build and Gronnraven is so fun to inherit) and I'd like to at least attempt to make her viable on my team with Eldigan, Brave Lyn, and Reinhardt. I know she's at a disadvantage, especially cuz she's not merged, but the Tower Quests are calling and I need a team.
  2. OPhelia

    OPhelia Active Member

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    People say Cecilia and Ursula are expensive to build, but I guess that depends on what fodder the RNGods throw in your way, I had an easy time building both and my Cecilia already reached 3k HM as one of my first units, so worth it I guess.
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  3. XRay

    XRay Active Member

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    Sacramento, California
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    If you just need her to do the cavalry quests, just spam the refresh button until only three units pop up, it makes life easier. Titania is fine with her Emerald Axe, so just give her a Hone Cavalry buff so she can double blues in the Tenth Stratum. Give her Speed +3 or Darting Blow to make sure she doubles more reliably.
  4. Pookkachan

    Pookkachan Member

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    My Titania just stay back and my Reinhardt and Lyn take care of everything for horse emblem quest. I have my newly pulled B Roy to accompany her.

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