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The Museum of Wonder (Sixth Hall)

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by deathspadeii, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. deathspadeii

    deathspadeii Moderator+ Staff Member

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    Earthly Bride Lyn
    "The vision of Yggdrasil has lead me to the love of my life."

    Yggdrasilean Duchess Charlotte
    "All of the men here are too easy to win over! This is no fun..."

    Terra Prince Alfonse
    "Come. Join me in the ceremony of the rebirth of the World Tree."

    Frozen Viscount Marth
    "The Ice Kingdom is very welcoming. I implore you to visit sometime!"

    Lucio Halcyon Katarina
    "For those I must protect.....wait, what was the oath again?"

    Alluring Vampire Tharja
    "Hehehe....now I can have my cake and eat it too. You know who my cake is, right?"

    Noctis Lucis Lyndis
    "I have been empowered by the moon and the darkness. I will have my bloodline live on."

    Waterswept Ephraim
    "My beloved sister, Eirika, is my world. If I'm not there to protect her, anything could happen."

    Aquamancer Eliwood
    "My son, Roy, has taken the advice of his peers and became the Aquamancer. I am so proud."

    Frost Warrior Chrom
    "I plan on becoming royalty of this Frost Realm."

    Terra Halcyon Frederick
    "It is my duty to protect Lady Yggdrasil at all costs."

    Oceanic Sister Sakura
    "My hair? I tend to preserve it with coral reefs from way down below!"

    Yggdrasil Ryoma
    "I am the Prince of Hoshido, and I am the king of Yggdrasil. My wife, Celica, is the queen. I love her."

    Tenebris Queen Celica
    "Your soul belongs to the Dark Lord. And I will ensure that it goes there."

    Yggdrasilean Prince Alm
    "I have a lot to learn. But my father and mother are always so busy ruling over Yggdrasil.

    Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!
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  2. CarArram

    CarArram New Member

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    Youtubves pretty great for that - as I am still finding out

    I can try and redline... when I have my tablet and more time on the comp


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