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The Museum of Wonder (Fourth Hall)

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by deathspadeii, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. deathspadeii

    deathspadeii Moderator+ Staff Member

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    Chestnut Linde
    "...........Why are you still looking at me?"

    Ardent Dawn Julia
    "Mornings are simply blissful! The sun truly is a wonderful sight."

    Fireswept Bridelia
    "Recently, Lord Chrom called me "Quadelia." Oh, gods, I can't think of a nickname for him!"

    Midnight Bride Caeda
    "I would love to get married at night. Why, that'd be a blessing."

    Umbra Halcyon Lucina
    "If darkness is fought with darkness, then victory is assured."

    Ocean Resident Lukas
    "Where I live, it's a lot more--how do I put this?--exciting."

    Dark Conquest Sonya
    "I will surrender against no enemy."

    Love Goddess Ninian
    "I will dance for you a dance of love, that you may find your perfect match."

    Yggdrasil Celica
    "Why must you humans harm this world? I mean no harm to you!"

    Aura Princess Delthea
    "I hate training. Too much moving. I like eating though!"

    Lord of the Lake Karel
    "You are the sea's sacrifice; give me your life."

    Frozen Exalt Chrom
    "It's a festive time for us in the Northlands. I'd hate for you to miss out on it."

    Nocturnal Queen Bunnilla
    "Aren't you the cutest critter? I'll show you to my darling sibling!"

    Alluring Vampire Robin
    "Heh heh. All right. Not for tonight, then. Unless you want me to."

    Arbor Knight Ike
    "First the Greil Mercenaries, now the Arbor Knights....I wonder what's next?"

    Love Deity Frederick
    "What say you? It's merely the two of us, alone. No one will ever know."

    Which one was your favorite? Who do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments!

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