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Takumi & Hinoka Bound Hero Battle F2P Teams

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XinYuanZhen, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. XinYuanZhen

    XinYuanZhen Member

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    For this team, you need a 4 Star Donnel, 4 Star Female Robin, 4 star Arvis, and 4 star Michalis.

    Arvis: Neutral
    Donnel: Neutral
    Michalis: Neutral
    Robin: Neutral

    - Arvis is mainly in the team to take out the Axe Calvery, and to tank the Sword Flier. He doesn’t require a DEF 3 A Skill or a ATK 1 Sacred Seal. Those were kept on my character originally for a different event. He also doesn’t require Rally Attack.

    - Donnel is in the team so he can mainly take down Takumi. His Brave Lance will quickly kill off Takumi.

    - Michalis is used to bait Takumi and Hinoka. Baiting Takumi allows Donnel to attack him in his range. Michalis would activate his Special Trigger by now, and he should be able to take down Hinoka.

    - Female Robin is used to bait the Blue Tome Unit. This would later end to the units defeat. Her role is to also take down the Axe Calvery Unit. Her weapon should give her an advantage since her weapon is strong against calvery.

    Lunatic Mode:

    Infernal Mode:

    For this team, you need two dancers, a 5 star Black Knight, and a 4 star Clarisse.

    Black Knight: Neutral
    Clarisse: Neutral
    Olivia: Neutral
    Olivia: HP+ Def-

    - Black Knight MUST be 5 Star and it must have Vantage 3, or at least 2. You need Vantage because the Black Knight must counter off Hinoka’s attack and the Axe Calvary.
    Swap: Stahl, Subaki, Arthur, Donnel, and Narcian
    Vantage: Gordon, Reighheardt, or Lon’qu

    - Clarisse MUST have a Brave Bow. You need a Brave bow so you can double Hinoka to deal as much damage as you can. After attacking Hinoka, let Olivia dance her to cover. Use Draw Back so Olivia is also out of the red zone.
    Draw Back: Sully, Fae, Nino, or Mae

    - 2 Olivias are needed because you need two dancers. They are also the easiest dancers to obtain. Keep one Olivia next to Black Knight and one next to Clarisse for a ATK+4 Boost and dance. I haven’t checked if any other dancer options worked, but i’ll edit this thread to confirm if it does or not.

    Lunatic Mode being worked on now.

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