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Some love for Katarina

Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by Jimmy, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy Active Member

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    With new weapon refine (spd+res ploy 2) she becomes a horrifying debuffer.

    I have always liked using her to debuff from afar. Now she is capable to debuff all stats at the same time, such power :p

    With 39 res, not many units can eacape her debuff.
    I'm even tempted to give her fortress res to make it even better. Just not sure if I want to sacrifice gunnthra my only wind hero...

  2. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    You gain a measly 2 Res, but lose 6 Atk, 3 Spd, 3 Def and the ability to safely drop into desperation range due to Fury's self damage. That's a bad idea, please don't do that. Your current set works perfectly fine.
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