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Should You Pull : New Year Banner

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Locky, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    Not so Hoshidan Happy New Year from Intsys! We have flying Azura dancer for you before we even introduce Reyson and Leanne, and neither Ryoma nor Hinoka are getting in on the Hoshidan Holidays in spite of being from Hoshido. No, we get Camilla travelling to Hoshido on Azura's invitation instead, while Ryoma bumps off Corrin in voting gauntlet so we have this guy without some silly holiday weapon fighting his mochi-throwing kid brother.

    This is BETRAYAL.

    Please feel free to comment and give feedback, and please inform me if I made any mistakes.

    Azura, Flying Dancer, bitches

    HP 37 ATK 30 SPD 35 DEF 22 RES 26

    So we have Azura as our first flying dancer instead of Reyson, an actual flying refresher unit, just like how Henry was the first armored mage instead of Arvis, but we digress. Flash news : she does not have boosted BST, but the same BST as the free sword-wielding Olivia.

    Her stat spread is incredibly close to Summer Corrin, trading 1 atk for 1 spd, and having higher HP while having the same def/res distribution. Literally her extra BST comes from that extra +3hp.

    While some people may bemoan how “useless” pulling sCorrin without the flier buffs to support her, a dancer is a dancer, especially one with flier mobility. Outside of a flier team, just dance already has her triumph in utility, and being able to take guidance for non-flier teams is a huge boon. For flier teams, its nice to finally have a dancer who can catch up to the rest in movement.

    Is she a good unit out of the box? Being a dancer is practically an auto-win worth pulling, not to mention her flying status and being yet another carrier of Hone Fliers, complementing her status as a good supporting member of flier emblem. That being said, her kit is good for all-in on support, but if you want her to put up a fight, I wouldn’t do so without investment.

    What skill investment could she want? Hone fliers aside, the rest of her kit will need work to be combat-ready. She is a candidate to run Emerald axe/distant counter much like regular Camilla, the trade off being her lower def/res stats but her higher speed is quite the boon. Otherwise, slaying axe/fury is a cheaper option for combat-ready Azura.

    Is she good skill fodder? Hone fliers buff, or earth dance. Its overall a bad idea, considering that hone fliers is on Hinoka and halloween Nowi, and earth dance isn’t that great in the first place since it competes with things like Wings of Mercy. Meanwhile I’m pending Hagoita on Michalis because I’m a terrible person.

    Why You Would Want Azura?:

    You aim to have more dancers for assault modes and tempest. Its good to have a wider color coverage among dancers to better complement more teams you build. Also, lemme repeat myself, FLYING DANCER.

    Why You Wouldn't Want Azura?:

    You don’t run flier emblem, and you already have your fill of 7 dancers for Arena Assault. The banner isn’t that powerful after that Christmas banner. Azura emblem sounds silly because dancers can't dance each other unless you remove sing/dance.

    Camilla our First Meme Sword user

    HP 40 ATK 33 SPD 35 DEF 31 RES 23

    After a grand total of 7 seasonal axes (asides from the dumb axes you may have seen on Michalis, this tally also includes the Legendary Urdr and the new Hagoita), we finally have a seasonal sword user.

    First thing comes to mind is competing with Elincia, who comes with +1atk and spd, as well as legendary brave weapon Amiti. As it is Camilla has additional HP and Def to be tankier while trading off her res and slightly decreases in atk/spd. What this means is that while she may be slightly worse as a brave user, her defenses give her additional build options in enemy phase, whereas Elincia’s enemy phase barely exists.

    She introduces a new skill - spd/def bond, which works off her speed and defense, which leans towards being a fast melee tank, and being the 2nd holder of ward fliers asides from Minerva, not that it means much, since ward is generally considered the least useful among flier buffs.

    Is she a good unit out of the box? Her skillset looks like that of a defensive speedster who provides def/res buffs with her weapon and ward fliers, but she does have offensive potential, and it will require significant skill inheritance to get there.

    What skill investment could she want? She has the flexiblity to take Brave sword (but that just feels like tankier Elincia with less offense), Slaying Edge, Wo Dao, or even Firesweep. Swift sparrow is an option to boost her atk/spd while keeping her decent def stat intact and just put the typical Dragback/Hit&run in her B slot if playing offensively. With flier buffs and +spd IVs, she could be fast enough to take Vantage in her B slot with an enemy phase build but quick riposte is the standard, safer option vs even faster sword units and tempest/chain challenge stat inflations.

    Is she good skill fodder? Spd/def bond is the only thing unique to her, meme bamboo sword thing aside. Ward fliers is the worst among flier buffs but you can consider if you really want to run enemy phase fliers and lack Minerva.

    Why You Would Want Camilla?:

    To ensure you are 3/4 along the way of creating Camilla Emblem. You want a strong red flier to add to the team. I think its about time we have meme sword inherit posts on reddit.

    Why You Wouldn't Want Camilla?:

    You already have Elincia and/or Halloween Nowi filling in for red flier. Camilla has nothing on your super duper kickass merged Palla.


    HP 40 ATK 34 SPD 34 DEF 17 RES 27

    Oh look, after dagger olivia and Cat sakura, here’s another yet attempt to make a good (but fuck why seasonal again) dagger unit with a good skillset. Finally that slaying dagger theorycrafters had hoped for is here.

    His skillset lacks the synergy that Sakura did, considering that Takumi has bowbreaker even tho he lacks the defense stat to take on archers. As it is, Takumi gave up res stat to gain additional HP and Def...not that it suddenly makes him alot tankier and his only advantage over Sakura is +2atk. His stats are slanted towards offense, and like Sakura, he can be a decent mage counter, though Sakura’s better res is likely to put her ahead

    My personal take is although he has the best atk/spd spread for a dagger user and is a good dagger, but the class as a whole does not have a strong showing in the meta even with the weapon refinement. They did largely benefit, but dragons are the ones with the strongest showing among the generic weapon refinements, followed by wrathful/dazzling healers.

    That being said, his weapon is desirable for dagger users who do count on specials for damage, which is to say, most of them. Felicia can’t wait to proc glacies.

    Is he a good unit out of the box? Stat-wise, yes, but you have to put in some work to make a synergistic kit that complements his stats.

    What skill investment could he want? . He can consider res-based special such as iceberg or glacies if he can keep atk/res bond working, a better B slot, from desperation, or choose between guard or quick riposte if used defensively. As usual, C slot can be a buff for allies, or take the pricey option of speed smoke paired with atk smoke as a seal for the full debuff package.

    Is he good skill fodder? You fodder him for the mochi. I suppose atk/res bond is not bad but it exists on Halloween Nowi too.

    Why You Would Want Takumi?:

    You want to build that awesome dagger user to fight and go against the meta flow. It doesn’t have to be Takumi, its that slaying mochi dagger thing.

    Why You Wouldn't Want Takumi?:

    Colorless is still hell. Why hello there 5*Lachesis. You feel a sense of BETRAYAL when archer takumi close counter fodder pity breaks your attempt for mochi takumi.

    Overall Banner Evaluation

    Flying dancer bitches. That is all. Takumi and Camilla are luxuries, they do have good stat spreads for their respective classes, Takumi finally has that -1 CD slaying dagger theorycrafters had hoped for, but its not really “compulsory” or massively game-changing. Their skills are also less for combat purposes and more supportive, which does not quite fit the stat distributions they have. The skillsets are less synergistic and complete than what you saw on the Christmas units, so you’ll have to work beyond just filling in the blanks.

    My personal take? Flying dancer has more utility than the typical infantry dancers FEH has given us due to the ability to equip guidance and additional mobility, but otherwise, this banner did not throw in really busted units like Christmas banner did.

    Additional Notes

    CORRINNN where are you?
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
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