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Should You Pull : Fallen Heroes vs Love Abounds

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Locky, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    Its been a while, hasn’t it? This time, we’re going to compare Love Abounds with Fallen Heroes banner. This is quite the exciting time for banners and all three will be open at the same time in a small time window. Please feel free to inform me if I missed out anything.

    Love Abounds

    Lilina just here to split focus

    A slight improvement over Cecilia, lacks a prf weapon and chilling seal compared to Gunnthra. Anything those ladies can do, Lilina can try her hand at it, unless its Gunnthra’s unique gimmicks of course.

    How do you build her? As a bladetome horse. Her defenses are a little low to run raventome but its still an option. +res lilnia can consider going the owltome route though cavalry movement generally favors offensive play.

    What do you fodder her for? Attack Tactics.

    Conclusion : The banner dud, hector blocker, but still potentially useful

    Lyn just here to complete Lyn emblem

    Fastest armor around, she’s as fast as Nino, but with much better def and res. Like Halloween Henry, she can run any tome and work with it, Raventome, Bladetome, Owltome, as well as have the flexiblity of running both player and enemy phase builds.

    How do you build her? As mentioned, she can run any tome like Henry can. If you snagged +def or +res Lyn, close counter mixed tank builds with owltome will do well, and +spd Lyn is just looking for a bladetome. Just beware that her atk bane is -4 atk, but bladetome should somewhat cover it, and that -4 def banes cut her out of mixed tank builds with just 23 def and 37 hp to work with.

    What do you fodder her for? Atk/Spd bond and Armor March. Given the nature of how bond skills work, it favors enemy phase play and not good for player phase units in practice since you have to step up to make a kill.

    Conclusion : Really good pull here. Also the 4th piece to complete Lyn Emblem

    Roy just your boy

    He’s slow, really slow. Roy is less brave lyn substitute than Reinhardt with a bow given his stat distribution. Having deathblow by default is just icing on the cake and asking you to give him brave bow, though he does have the option of running mixed tank builds with Guard bow or Slaying bow.

    How do you build him? He’s physical brave bow reinhardt, asides from dire thunder, he can copy reinhardt wholesale as it is, or build as you would Halloween Jakob, but without the options to take armored-only Fighter skills. Roy really wished he could have those options though.

    What do you fodder him for? Deathblow and Bow Valor. Combat-wise, his skills are the least valuable for fodder considering Klein and Hawkeye already have deathblow.

    Conclusion : The only source of bow valor, he’s not quite the banner dud as a unit and has his uses, but is unlikely to be replacing bowlyn or reinhardt on most completed horse teams.

    Hector Just here for DC

    He’s even more mix-maxed than vanilla Hector for tanking, dumping speed in favor of higher atk, def and res. Need I say more, the 2nd source of DC is Hector version 2, and he only got stronger.

    How do you build him? Wrath fucking stacks with berserk armads. Or you can run him as you have built vanilla Hector, minus the double Quick riposte/wary fighter build.

    What do you fodder him for? Wary fighter and glimmer of course. Distant counter, bitches.

    Conclusion : The big prize right here. 173 BST armor, comes with DC, and slaying + wrath effect in one axe.


    Overall a decent banner, where even if you pulled the units you did not want, they are all good to fodder for skills. Hector really is something, he’s holding his spot at the top tiers of arena tier list in both appearances, while the rest aren’t really gamebreakers. Lyn has her place as the only mage option for blue armors, just like Henry and Tharja are for green and red respectively. Her place in an armored team is less in danger due to the lack of blue armors as a whole compared to greens and reds.

    Fallen Heroes


    Armored dragon coming in bitches. Now with atk refined Lightning breath but without the +1 CD penalty! Now you can run tactics on your dragons since Myrrh is a flier, and you can have Grim and two other infantry dragons on a team. Remember bois, dragonstone is a weapon-type, not a movement or BST type. Grima attac, Grima protec with ward dragons, but most importantly, Vengeful fighter skill bring bac, so it’s too late to stop voting for bikini armor normal girl.

    Well, can't say we didn't see this coming. Compared to Myrrh, the other dragon with higher BST, he has higher atk and lower res. it doesn't really change the evaluation, and he's still a solid slow mixed tank. Myrrh really wants to inherit DC, while Grima has other options for A slot, and doesn't need to use iote's seal to patch a flier weakness while trading off lower res and mobility.

    How do you build DIS THING? You build Grima to keel you all. Okay you just really need to fill in the blanks, he has a great base kit. You can do the steady breath/bold fighter nightmare show you see on Zelgius, minus Black Luna.

    What do you fodder DIS THING for? Vengeful Fighter and Ward Dragons. Conclusion : Hyped new THING for the armored + dragonstone combination so armors and dragons both have a new option to run. I wonder what the loli dragons think of our first male dragon.

    Hard on for Hardin

    For the longest time, we only have Gwen and Effie in the regular pool of blue armored units. We HARDly had any choice but now we have 3rd option. Gradivus at this point is a double-edged sword lance. It frees you up to take stat-boosting skills and steady breath, at the same time, lances have a really good selection in Slaying, Berkuts, Ridersbane, Deft Harpoon, Tannenboom to be refined while you grab distant counter in A slot etc.

    If anything, he can run steady breath/bold fighter builds like Zelgius (and Grima too), adding yet another nightmare to the 740+ landscape.

    His speed is below average, not quite dumpster tier like Grima, while sporting +1 def and +5 res over Grima to take mage hits better at the expense of -6 atk.

    How do you build him? Similiar to Grima, since both are distant counter armored units who are likely to be slow, mighty glaciers.

    What do you fodder him for? Brazen def/res for tanks, most likely with DC built into their weapons, and bold fighter.

    Conclusion : A fine addition to the lack of choices in glorious manstache emblem blue armors, as well as introducing Brazen def/res and bold fighter.


    Yet another infantry sword. Do we really need another shitty sword waifu? Yes clearly we're in it for waifu emblems That aside, we all know what we care about - Chill speed. Gunnthra’s chilling seal may have looked good on paper, but Gunnthra’s low BST, and “cecilia, but faster” stat spread didn’t do her any favors. She was never a meta pick, not even for her own seasons in arena. Well, it’s also her fault for being bloody rare.

    With Chill speed being the only outstanding thing in her kit, she’s looking to be the 4* demotion if it happens since both armored units come with not one but TWO highly desirable skills.

    35 atk and spd, with higher def/res than her mage self, but not that high to be taking much punishment.

    How do you build her? As you would build normal Celica but sword, since Beloved Zofia grants her more stats but with the price of losing hp, much like Ragnarok did, and Duma Celica is looking to be a glass canon nuke like her sane, red mage self.

    What do you fodder her for? Chill speed. Luna and Hone atk are underwhelming and common skills found elsewhere. Chill speed looks to be inheritable, and it isn’t such a great thing on an offense unit compared to a support/buffer unit who has less need for a strong B slot that contributes to combat.

    Conclusion : Hard to judge, given that the red infantry slot is really, really competitive, but its likely she could fall to the wayside since Ayra is still going strong with Regnal Astra.


    Armored Dragon, Distant Counter Blue lance, Vengeful and Bold fighter into the main pool, and the new chill speed. This banner brings more new things to play than Love Abounds banner, and there isn’t a subpar pull and focus splitter like Lilina here.

    Newbies looking to fill up their barracks with as many 5* units can go with Herofest, which has been updated to carry Sigurd, Brave Lyn, Brave Ike and Nephenee. I would recommend pulling on Herofest first, then picking your free pull in case Brave lyn or Ike shows up on your banner pulls. Both banners are solid pulls, but Fallen Heroes has a higher floor compared to Love Abounds.

    Stats are out, and it really wasn't too hard to guess.
  2. Cloudedstrife

    Cloudedstrife Bro Mod(e): Activate!!! Staff Member

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    Neo Midgar
    I see the MEGAPUNZ keep coming! Love it.
    MitsuBlue23 likes this.
  3. xchan

    xchan Active Member

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    I dont know how I missed this. Im happy you are back at reviweing characters. Its always a fun read.
    FHRobin is amazing, and he is a great adition to armor teams. Now they can check Reindhart and BowLyn with a unit that can reach 175 bst.
    Im glad to see another lance user with dc built in his weapon. But after the refinery was introduced, isnt refined slaying weapon + dc a skill better than dc weapon + steady/warding breath a skill, both score and functionality wise?
    On a side note, what units can reach 175 with superboons?
    Mukimpo likes this.
  4. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Gwen and Lissa hit 170 with +spd superboon, while Xmas Robin hit 175 with +res superboon. Lissa and Hardin have 175 BST (but drops to 174 with superbane), while Zelgius at 174 does not have a superboon to move up.
  5. Mukimpo

    Mukimpo Active Member

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    Cavalries are already doomed by them trenches!! Armored are the new black!

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