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Should You Pull: Deathblow V2 Powercreeped Edition

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Locky, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    When even a fodder banner gets powercreeped in the span of little over a month, you know shit got real.

    RIP September Deathblow banner, you won't be missed.

    Klein now has 5 banners, tied with Minerva and falling behind only Ninian with 6 banners. Clearly IS knows there’s a very real demand for his skills. Literally.

    Please feel free to comment and give feedback, and please inform me if I made any mistakes.


    HP 35 ATK 34 SPD 36 DEF 24 RES 27

    Elincia is back! Well, that didn’t take very long. She comes with a legendary brave in the form of Amiti. As if Amiti isn't already sexy with 11Mt instead of 8Mt, and -2spd instead of -5spd for a usual brave, Elincia's 34atk 36 spd is the equivalent of Lucina (red sword infantry), and Tana (blue lance flier). She now has competition for that red slot with the arrival of Halloween Nowi, instead of what some people consider “piss poor” competition with Caeda and Palla.

    Do note, +atk Elincia reaches 48 atk with no buffs and deathblow excluded, which puts her on par with Cherche, who at +atk and Brave axe+ would reach 49 atk. And we all know Cherche's reputation as one of the hardest hitting brave users, exceeded only by Effie. But unlike both Cherche and Effie, Elincia can fucking quad and hit hard, and make it legit and not just for memes. Just...think of the implications and the number of brave users Elincia eclipses over while flying over their heads and quadding.

    Her one weakness is that her enemy phase is kinda crap, which is a weakness also shared by Cherche, although for different reasons (Elincia has low hp/def, Cherche has such low spd to get doubled by everyone and their dog, minus Zephiel and Sophia). And that’s not even a fatal weakness if she can erase you before you could knock her down.

    Is she good outside the box? Yes she is, deathblow goes well with Amiti, and she has the stats to even do quad memes.

    Is she good with skill investment? Certainly she is. When a unit is good out of the box, they can only get better with investment.

    Is she good skill fodder? ...what why would you sack new best red flier? I suppose you could take deathblow or flier formation.

    Why You Would Want Elincia?:

    Best offensive red melee flier (how specific, isn’t it) with Tana's offense stats and legendary brave.

    Why You Wouldn't Want Elincia?:

    You picked Halloween Nowi, or Palla, or Caeda in that red flier slot and don’t really want to have 2 red fliers.


    HP 40 ATK 31 SPD 33 DEF 20 RES 24

    Its Klein yet again, because he's such good fodder. It was quick riposte previously, now its deathblow 2 with Delthea. So I probably have to repeat myself yet again when Brave Bow: the banner comes along eventually.

    Klein is part of the famous trinity of archers (Jeorge, Takumi, Klein) with eerily similar stat spreads and ability to carry Brave bow+ until Bridelia, crashed the party and free Bow Lyn broke everything. He is defensively rather even, with slightly higher res, not that it matters much in most situations since most archers don't really want to get hit. Otherwise, his stats are decidedly average (except his def, which is rather low) until he gets either +atk or +spd IV to rise from "average" to "above average".

    Between the trinity that is Jeorge, Takumi and Klein, the only reason why would you choose one over the other is picking the one with optimal IVs, or choosing your husbando. No worries, again, I won't judge those who have a thing for pineapples.

    As an additional note, Leon and Innes has since been introduced compared to his time during the quick riposte banner, so Klein has even stronger competition for brave bow, and more "suitors" clamouring for his bow, but the girls Bridelia and Bowlyn are both better at this brave bow shtick than the guys.

    Is Klein a good unit out of the box? I'd say he's decent and comes with a good skill set, even if he may not be the best person for it.

    Is he good with skill investment? What investment do you speak of? He already has brave + deathblow. Jokes aside, he can be good, but he is largely overshadowed. His advantage is that he is a "budget brave" by virtue of coming with the base necessary skills so you can save your feathers.

    Is he good skill fodder? He is a fodder god, alongside units such as Odin, Palla and Henry. Literally everything in his skill set is good to pass on to others. Brave bow, deathblow, quick riposte, and even glacies.

    Why You Would Want Klein?:

    You want a decent, budget archer to use. You want his goddamned skills to pass to someone else. You want better IVs because your current Klein has -atk IV.

    Why You Wouldn't Want Klein?:

    You already built a brave bow archer better than him. You STILL fear treading through fucking colorless orb hell.


    HP 33 ATK 36 SPD 34 DEF 13 RES 31

    Delthea is now on the deathblow banner when she didn’t make it the previous time because Effie and Hawkeye were there. She’s arguably min-maxed for her task compared to someone like Mae, ditching even more def to gain more speed. She has the absolute lowest def, tied with Lucius, not that either one will need it to tank mage hits.

    Her atk at 36 is only behind two mages, Sanaki and Lilina at 37 atk, but with alot more speed and doubling potential than those two because she has less def, making her a formidable powerhouse asides from just playing buffing duties with Dark Aura and drive atk 2. Literally her entire kit is oriented around atk, from Dark aura to deathblow to drive atk 2.

    Is she a good unit out of the box? Really good blue mage, and has somewhat unique utility with Dark Aura. Miracle is about the only thing that doesn’t make sense on her, but the rest of her base kit is good.

    Is she good with skill investment? She can be, and much like Linde, you could go the bladetome route, though Delthea is a tad slower.

    Is she good skill fodder? This is the deathblow banner, and she has drive atk as well. That being said, there is Klein for 4* deathblow 3, and Tailtiu for Drive atk at 4*, so feeding away 5* delthea may not be worth it, especially since she’s a great unit herself.

    Why You Would Want Delthea?:

    You want a good blue mage, and honorary hone atk no speed for your dragon team.

    Why You Wouldn't Want Delthea?:

    You have other stronger mages running around with blade/raven/owl tomes and Dark Aura does nothing for them.

    Overall Banner Evaluation

    This banner is now alone with just Halloween banner since Voting gauntlet banners ended and looks very tempting. There is no crappy focus on this banner, all 3 focus units are very good, and Klein is god tier fodder even if he’s overshadowed by better archers.

    That being said, with FEH channel announcement coming up, I’d hold your orbs in anticipation for new banner and content.
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  2. Mukimpo

    Mukimpo Active Member

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    Thx for thorough review mr locky, about elincia, i saw her 'manhandled' a blue spear cavalry without fear of retaliation, truly fearsome princess

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