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Shigure - Uplifting Artist

Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by OPhelia, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. OPhelia

    OPhelia Active Member

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    Since I pulled an extra L!Azura I wanted to build a 5*+10 ≤4* available blue flier and ended up on Shigure after long consideration between him, Cordelia, Catria and Clair. He just stood out with higher BST (2nd gen flier), being male and not having a name starting with C.
    Clair would have been my 2nd choice but her higher scoring from prf weapon takes away the possibility to choose the supportive Wagasa+ for arena babysitting, and Shigure might get his own prf someday anyways.

    So here are the builds I plan to give him:

    Arena Scoring/Babysitting:
    C+S flexible, depends on what bonus unit he has to babysit, combination of tactics, guidance, flier buff, drives, etc. all possible.
    B might rather become Chill Atk or Res after checking my fodder.
    I wish I had access to premium Assists ;__;

    Regular build for other modes:
    C flexible.

    Is there anything majorly wrong with my plans? Is Shigure inferior to his C-girl competition and I should reconsider the unit? Would another IV be better (also have +atk/-hp)?
  2. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    Clair having a prf doesn't "take away" your choice of Wagasa, it just gives you more options. Regardless, you've already made your choice.

    For Arena, C and S slots should take Drives. Easy. B slot can be Chill Atk if you want. It's on Gharnef.

    For PVE, replace LnD with fury. This is the biggest mistake that noobies always make. With Fury, you gain 8 more Def, 8 more Res, and the ability to naturally drop down to Desp zone because of recoil dmg. In exchange you lose what, a mere 2 Atk and Spd. C slot can be whatever. Atk Smoke maybe.
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