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News Schedule for July 2018 to August 2018

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by Rubi, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    Link to last month's: https://fireemblemheroesforum.com/threads/schedule-for-june-2018-to-july-2018.1257/
    Link to next month's: https://fireemblemheroesforum.com/threads/schedule-for-august-2018-to-september-2018.1280/


    Chronological order:

    Jul 11th:
    • Illusory Dungeon: Summer of Heroes
    Jul 12th:
    • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Raven & Lucius
    Jul 13th:
    • Tempest Trials+ Log-In Bonus
    Jul 15th:
    • Tempest Trials+: Sweet Dreams
    Jul 17th:
    • Summoning Focus: New Power
    Jul 20th:
    • New Heroes Celebration Bonus
    • New Heroes Summoning Event
    Jul 22nd:
    • Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle
    • Bound Hero Battle: Leo & Elise
    Jul 25th:
    • Arena Quests
    Jul 27th:
    • Summoning focus: Heroes with Distant Def
    Jul 29th:
    • Grand Hero Battle
    Jul 31st:
    • Legendary Hero Battle
    • Legendary Hero Summoning Event
    Aug 1st:
    • Grand Conquests
    Aug 5th:
    • Three Heroes Quests
    Aug 6th:
    • Grand Hero Battle Revival - Takumi: Empty Vessel
    Aug 7th:
    • Summoning Focus: Heroes with Fighter Skills
    Aug 10th:
    • Special Heroes Summoning Event
    • Special Heroes Log-In Bonus
    • Special Orb Promo: August Edition
  2. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

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    United States
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    I'm ready for Tempest Rewards!
  3. xchan

    xchan Active Member

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    This schedule seems extremely boring. Too many downtime between events and no VG. The banners seem to be the most "exciting" stuff but there doesn't seem to be good sources of F2P orbs. The log in bonus is also suspiciously absent for 11 whole days. We haven't had such a huge gap for a long time. Something might be in there that they don't want us to find out.
    My prediction would be the CYL2 banner dropping unnanounced between the new heroes and the new seasonal ones. Veronica being the new GHB could fit the schedule.

    The third summer seasonal banner could be sports themed. Reddit went nuts with them a while ago, so IS might have taken notice.

    Aside from those, I'm happy Katarina, Leo and Rhajat are getting banners. Time to save for them.
  4. deathspadeii

    deathspadeii Moderator+ Staff Member

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    Huh. Seems like a pretty big downtime.
    Not that I'm complaining though, I got Summer Frederick.
    AND Summer Innes.

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