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Quickened Pulse Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Gaodzilla, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Gaodzilla

    Gaodzilla Bye.

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    Okay, so Quickened Pulse is a Sacred seal that has come out since the first Tempest Trials, and is a very potent addition to most Heroes. Some may use it on Reinhardt, other May use it on Brave Ike, but now it’s time for me to write about how to use it.

    What It Does
    Quickened Pulse lowers your special trigger by 1 at the start of each battle, so Aether would be 4, Moonbow would be 1, and Ignis would be 3.

    What Special To Use It On
    So with Quickened Pulse lowering your Specia count by 1, it allows for some pretty good combinations, and a lot of different Specials are used in unison with it. There are a few popular ones, so I will list them off.

    Moonbow- Great with Brave Weapons

    Luna- Pretty good on fast Units, like Ryoma.

    Bonfire/Ignis- Good for tanks, and allows for quicker 1HKOs.

    Iceberg/Glacies- Good in most of the popular mages, such as Nino, Linde, or Olwen.

    Aether- Normally used on Heavy Blade, Steady Breath, Flashing Blade, and Shield Pulse/ Infantry Pulse users, since allows for a huge attack quickly.

    What Weapons are Used With It
    So with most users of this, they normally run a Brave Weapon, Wo Dao, or Dire Thunder (Lookin’ at you Reinhardt.), as it allows for a quick and consistent damage at the start of a battle. Normally used in cunjunction with Moonbow, it outputs a lot of damage, especially if you have a good A Slot to help out, such as Life And Death or Death Blow.

    Who Uses It Well
    A lot of users are able to abuse the power of Quickened Pulse, normally because of a Brave Weapon, or a high speed Wo Dao user. Here’s a quick list of Heroes that uses Quickened Pulse.

    Reinhardt- Incredibly powerful, since when you used Quickened Pulse along with Moonbow, you get it on turn one, killing almost all red units, most blue units, and some green units.

    Hana- Wo Dao allows for high damage, and along with her high speed, lets her double for massive damage.

    Ryoma- With Moonbow/Luna, you can use Vantage to kill Units in enem phase that you can’t reach.

    Ike- Heavy Blade along with his high attack stat allows him to spam high cooldown specials like no tomorrow. Aether is very frightening because it allows for some crazy sustain while still slicing through the opposition.

    Brave Ike- Steady Breath allows for a good Enemy Phase unit, and along with Ignis, can make him a very large threat.

    Brave Lyn- Since most Units can’t counterattack, you are likely to get a double without any problems, as you won’t take any damage back. Use this moment to go for a Moonbow or Luna for HUGE damage.

    Hector- Ignis. Distant Counter. Vantage. Rank 20.

    Michalis- Along with his weapon, Michalis can score a very early kill, since you can use Ignis in your first turn if they attack you when you have Quick Reposte. Along with his huge defense stat, he cleaves through a ton of units.

    Blade Tome Users- Allows then to negate the negetive impact of their time for one turn, often allowing them to trigger their Special, take Fury damage, and then going into Desperation range, which allows them to kill most units without problems.

    Quickened Pulse is a nice seal to have, allowing for powerful combos and strong specials. As one of the many “abusers” of Quickened Pulse, I can say that it’s a good addition to any team, and will definitely help your team.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Korban Dioxide

    Korban Dioxide Member

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    I think it’s really good on Fjorm.
  3. QuickBit

    QuickBit Active Member

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    *Aether doesn’t work with shield pulse. Only skills that trigger when you get hit (Miracle, Ageis, Pavise, etc...)
  4. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    Also Aether is usually used by units who benefit from Infantry Pulse (eg. a low HP unit), not the user of Infantry Pulse him/herself.
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