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Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by Marcus, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

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    United States
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    I've mentioned before that I am a slow player (some days I don't event use all my stamina), but I really enjoy FEH, these forums, and doing things well. I'm also a planner.

    I attached a pic of my small barracks. The units shown are 5*s in the works with good IVs or other units with good IVs that I want to promote or starter units. Right now I am working on Anna, Nino, Takumi, Fae Alfonse, Sharena. Before I start any major merges, I want to 5* all of these and give good SI.

    My question is, do you have any other good unit recommendations that I should look out for? - feather promoting. Reinhardt is eluding me, but he will come :)

    I do have several 5* not shown, but I plan on foddering some for skills because bad IVs.

    Maybe this will start good 3-4* convo too if there is any interest.

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  2. 4dbest

    4dbest Member

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    I played for almost a year and I left askr trio at 4.How bout sort thru rarity?PVE wise good but maybe not enough for chain challenges.I would go for Blyn and get a dancer that Ninian will do.I would suggest Marth with reciprocal aid Blyn Dancer and Like unitl Rein appears and get those free orbs.
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  3. Evan

    Evan Active Member

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    I definetly think Takumi is worth making 5 Star. Even if he isn’t as great as he once was, and you don’t plan on using him, you’ll have to promote him to fodder off that close counter.

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