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Phantom Speed Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Gaodzilla, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Gaodzilla

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    Phantom Speed is a Sacred Seal that came out a couple Tempest Trials ago, and is a really good seal to have if you're willing to put the investment into it. Ayra, Mia, maybe even Performing Olivia, but now it's time for my patented guide on how to use Phantom Speed.

    What It Does
    Phantom Speed is a Sacred Seal that boosts the speed of a unit by a set amount when using a skill that compares speed. While it doesn't actually give any speed, it does give more speed than actual speed when using these skills.

    Who Uses It Well
    While only a select few units are actually able to use this Seal to it's fullest potential, the one's who can are often really strong, and can often score a couple kills themselves before going down.

    Ayra- Since her weapon compares speed, it can be used in conjunction with Phantom Speed. With her already high speed stat, she's able to use many high cooldown specials quite quickly.

    Mia- With a very similar stat offensive stat spread to Ayra, Mia is a more offensive user of Flashing Blade. With the highest base speed of 40, Mia is a very threatening user of even more high cooldown specials, like Aether and Blazing Wind.

    Performing Olivia/Felicia/Halloween Sakura- Most of these units often run Windsweep= (at least in my experience), make sure that something like Ryoma, Ike, Hector, or Camus, won't hurt them back, while still debuffing the enemy. Most of them also have some pretty high Resistance, so Watersweep is not used too often, though it still can be used against a few key mages.

    Darting Blow Users- Allows for high speed and no retaliation. It's a strong combo, though quite niche.

    Most Fast Units- High speed = higher chance of successfully using the skill. Nuff' said.

    Best Specials To Use This?[​IMG]
    This section is dedicated to the few users of the skill, Flashing Blade, which lowers the cooldown of your Special by 1 if your speed is higher. While this is often only used on a select few heroes, those heroes can use Flashing Blade very effectively.

    Aether- An incredibly strong sustain special that ignores 50% of the targets defenses and heals you for half the damage. This is one of the best, if not the best, special to use along with Flashing Blade, as you can get the cooldown off very quickly.

    Luna- While this is used a bit less than Aether, it's still strong, as the damage is doing the same as Aether, but comes up after your first engagement, which also makes it a bit more consistent.

    AOE Specials- So with the new buff to the AOE skills, which is 1 less cooldown, these might actually some some use. Not the best, but could possibly be useful.

    Dragonic Aura/ Dragon Fang- Ayra and Mia both have some pretty high attack, which could do a bit more damage than Luna maybe.

    Regnal Astra- Ayra exclusive, but it's good enough to list it. Does a good amount of damage for a 2 cooldown special.

    Sweeping Skills[​IMG]
    Windsweep and Watersweep are skills that allow you to wail on the enemy without repercussion. It's kinda like having a really bad version of Sacrae's Blessing/Dazzling Staff. It's pretty good, but it sees the most use on Dagger because they can continue debuffing. I would suggest this on units with the speed within 34-37, because anything lower will probably unsuccessfully proc the Sweep skill.

    Now while this Sacred Seal may not be the best to use, and may take a lot of investment, it's still a worthwhile seal to use, and I would highly suggest this if you can get Ayra or Mia. Thanks for reading my guide. Next time, I'll try to make some guide bout' something else.

    Now here's a Reinhardt meme.

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  2. Mukimpo

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    Thanks buddy this is the seal that i am very confused about at the moment not you answered it :)

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