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Long Time Noob Player in Need of Team Comp Help

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by PinkandOffWhite, May 31, 2019.

  1. PinkandOffWhite

    PinkandOffWhite New Member

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    I'm looking for some help on the best teams I can make. Main goal is to be able to clear the harder content in the game. Below are 3 list of all my 5*
    Excellent IV 5*:
    Summer Camilla, Halloween Jakob, Summer Corrin, Reinhardt, Tharja, Leo, Rebecca, Mia, Bridal Caeda, Deirdre

    Irrelevant IVs 5*:
    Summer Tara, Spring Camilla, PA Olivia, Chrom, Olivia, Masked Marth, Fjorm, Hector, Gerome, Camilla, Brave Lyn, Eir, Cherche, Legendary Ike, Legendary Lucina, Alm, Fallen Celica, Brave Celica, Celica, Olivia Sky High, Bridal Marth, Elise, Black Knight, Seigbert, Elincia, Summer Tiki, Brave Hector, Summer Innes, Legendary Lyn, NY Fjorm, Hinoka WF, Halloween Mia

    Terrible IVs:
    NY Camilla, Summer Robin, Effie, Summer Elise, Spring Kagero, Fallen Robin, Ares, NY Gunnthra, Shiro, Legendary Tiki, Tailtiu, Kaden, Halloween Kagero, Rhajat, Velouria, Takumi, Jaffar, Summer Linde

    I already have several leveled up and a best build Summer Camilla so a good team idea around here would be helpful. Although, my main goal is to have the best teams possible and be able to clear all the tougher difficulty content. I can level up and build anyone I need to and have a ton of 4*s I can promote if there is a unit that fits better in a team.

    I appreciate any help as I have played for a long time but casual and am looking to progress through the content better.

    Edit: I can post pictures of units if needed would just take a while to get them all.
  2. OPhelia

    OPhelia Active Member

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    Reinhardt + Brave Lyn + 2√ódancers
    Horses with Hone Cavalry, dancers with def and res tactic seals and Wings of Mercy.

    Fjorm +L!Ike + Fae with Lightning Breath+ + Dancer can bring you far, too.
  3. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    You can probably clear everything PVE related with just the free units: Fjorm, Eir, Legendary Ike, the 2 Brave units.

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