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List of Standard Sword Builds

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Rayney_, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Rayney_

    Rayney_ New Member

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    United States
    I'm mostly creating this for myself and as a community resource (for everyone here to use).

    I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of commonly used builds (for each color). There are some skills/weapons/specials that work well together and on certain heroes, so I thought it would be nice to make a list of them. I'm starting with melee red infantry (Swordsman).

    [Resources: reddit/gamepedia/gamepress/ fireemblem.gamewith/other]

    Standard Brave Sword

    Weapon: Brave Sword+
    Special: Bonfire/Luna/Other 3 charge that synergizes with hero

    A Slot: Fire Boost 3/Death Blow 3
    B Slot: Drag Back/Swordbreaker 3

    Candidates: Sword units with fairly high attack but with low speed.


    Weapon: Brave Sword+
    Special: Moonbow/Luna/Other

    A Slot: Life and Death 3/Swift Sparrow 2
    B Slot: Desperation 3

    Candidates: Sword units with extremely high speed (close to 40).

    Wao Dao Moonbow

    Weapon: Wao Dao+
    Special: Moonbow

    A Slot: Fury/L&D/SS/Death Blow
    B Slot: Flexible

    Wao Dao gives +10 damage when special activates which increases damage output using low cooldown specials like Moonbow.

    Candidates: Native users of Wao Dao/Other sword units with good attack and speed.

    Slaying Edge Quicken Pulse

    Weapon: Slaying Edge+
    Special: Moonbow

    A Slot: Fury/L&D/SS/Death Blow
    B Slot: Flexible

    Seal: Quickened Pulse

    With Quickened Pulse and Slaying Edge, Moonbow is charged on the first turn allowing you to one-shot some enemies.

    Candidates: Sword units with high attack.

    Fury Sets

    Weapon: Flexible
    Special: Flexible

    A Slot: Fury 3
    B Slot: Vantage 3/Renewal 3 /Swordbreaker 3

    Fury drops unit's health in order to proc Vantage or run Renewal to help counteract the effects of Fury.

    Candidates: Sword units with well rounded stats and decent speed that benefit from the increase given by fury.

    Falchion Healer/Support

    Weapon: Falchion
    Assist: Reciprocal Aid
    Special: Flexible

    A Slot: Flexible
    B Slot: Renewal 3

    Candidates: Sword units with the legendary weapon Falchion.

    Ruby Sword Distant Counter

    Weapon: Ruby Sword+
    Special: Flexible

    A Slot: Distant Counter
    B Slot: Quick Riposte 2 or 3/Other

    Candidates: Bulky sword units with poor/mediocre speed who really hate green mages!

    Anyone can contribute any other generic sword builds even if they have niche uses. I'll copy and paste them in.
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  2. Mukimpo

    Mukimpo Active Member

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    This is pretty good :) i have lyn's sol katti (desperation 2 built in) can be combined wih brash assault as well so she can double (like brave) when hp at 50%

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