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Keep Surtr or get Brave Edelgard?

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by J4NN1K_B, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. J4NN1K_B

    J4NN1K_B New Member

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    Because of the new Banner from today, im thinking about replacing my +10 Surtr with Brave Edelgard, if i manage to get her on +10 aswell. Im f2p and have about 1100 orbs at the moment. Should i try it or keep my orbs for a maybe better unit at the future?
  2. Beastmode

    Beastmode Active Member

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    I think Edelgard is a better unit, but if you already have a +10 axe armor, do you really want a second? What did you end up doing?

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