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How to survive Arena Assault.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by 4dbest, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. 4dbest

    4dbest Member

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    Disclaimer: The suggestions on this post may not be necessarily applicable to your own barracks, particularly if your a whale and have tons of units this is for the budget player and some players who aren`t able to do AA at all.

    Well Im finally getting kicked of Arena Assault in the next weeks so might as well share this stuff.

    Preferred items:

    Naga`s Tear(This item is most useful when in a fix use it with ignis or glacies on a enemy unit especially with weapons effective against a specific class and sure kill.
    Fear Charm(Always effective with a blade tome and disable DC )
    Lightning Charm(Damage of 20 on all enemies is a sure way to wipe them out use only on a map you find enemies you find difficult and your barracks is low on units.)

    Score ranking. Fish the highest score on the first for the next match after that if you get a minimum score on the second or the third redoing might be a good idea nonetheless aim for top 3k the rewards are already optimal and its not too much to do.

    Blessings I cant help you with it since Im also confused how to use it.

    These units are the most useful I`ve found in AA.

    Dancers.Though I only have four at most I use them on the 3rd maps or something like at the fourth.
    Healers with the staff foe cant counter. Especially Gravity+ this skill is a must especially on those walled maps or with fortify maps simply because it buys you time to set up and wipe them out.
    Blade Tomes. Reinhardt and Blade tome company with Dancers is better then baiting since you dont have to calculate and kills are always sure. Ive found Life and Death Fury, Desperation, Breakers and C Skill is hone attack or optional to be good at finishing most enemies.

    Special mention: Fliers are the best on maps where mobility is just too hard.
    Cavalry is best used on open maps where you can bait the AI and separate them.

    Luring the AI is also a good skill to practice but on some maps you cant do it.
    Mountain Maps open maps river maps you can lure them and separate them.

    Specializing units who have a effective on a specific class is the best to build especially if you give them TA and they are good to in dealing with most counter color opponents.If you want to kill a specific unit like Zelgius Blue tome with Swordbreaker will do the deal. Ive found Julia Deirdre able to kill most dragons.

    Units who can force the opponent to not counter(like Sacae on Blyn are a godsend) are the best to build, I put windsweep on my -spd F.Hinoka with hone shes still able to do her part.

    Last but not necessary pre made teams are also good. For Example Rein with a Dancer is already a good combo you use him on a team lacking in resistance and greens and he can already clear it alone. Example of a team I like using is Genny with Gravity+ Alm a horse with repo and preferred TA like Marth Groom and a blade tome(Tharja) actually good at those walled maps or fortified maps.All in all Gravity+ is the most useful skill Ive seen since it can halt enemy advance Ive played on a difficult opponent where the game reached to 40 turns since I cant kill him one shot and my team has no repo well get prepared next time. Its actually a matter of knowing your team and their combo partner and you can adjust from there.
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