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How to Build the Basic Corrins?

Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by Effie’s_Godly_Thighs, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Effie’s_Godly_Thighs

    Effie’s_Godly_Thighs New Member

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    I’ve gotten bored lately, just clearing the Abyssal GHBs with my armored God team (well, mostly B!Ephraim and Black Knight smashing everything while buffed to the max). So I’ve decided to build a “Theme Team.”

    So I kinda thought I’d make a Nohrian squad, with the two Corrins, Garon, and an undecided fourth character. But...god the Corrins have terrible base skills! How do you build these Nohrian scum? Corrin(M) is +Atk/-HP, Corrin(F) is +Def/-HP.

  2. OPhelia

    OPhelia Active Member

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    I think no one has answered yet because there are multiple valid builds, depending on what skills you have available for inheritance, whether this is for PvE or PVP and how you want to build them.

    With fCorrin people usually try to build a physical wall, bulking def as much as possible, soaking up hits and retaliating with def based DMG special (Bonfire/ignis). Sometimes you see debuffing builds around her native weapon and smoke skills.

    mCorrin is more set to a supportive role due to his weapon refine, giving a big boost to his ally supported teammate. You can either give him more supportive skills to deepen his role, give him TA to turn him into a green check or build him as a bruiser (unit designed to deal some DMG without killing target).

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