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How can I make these brave even better? Premium skill recommendations

Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by funkyfighter, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. funkyfighter

    funkyfighter New Member

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    The weekly revival banner a week ago , i finished my Ike and Lucina. What could I give to max their potential?


    I wish I had pulse smoke for lyn instead, but i feel like on aether raids, it is still best for ike?
    I feel like null follow up 3 would just be best in arena for ike and lucina, because yknow armors and vengeful fighter. Or maybe a ruse/feint on lucina? I also have 1 threaten atk/spd 3 to give, but don't know if i should give to bike, who might be front line or lucina, but then i cant support skill her. i want to give her close guard and distant guard for her C slot, distant for aether raid bike support. Sure I could give it to lyn, thats a possibility. or maybe a joint hone speed on lyn and threaten atk spd on lucina, and hope to get threaten atk def and give to ike? I also have a ruptured sky i might give to lucina. All ideas welcome. I doubt id give bike and lucina the duel to score higherbecause A is super important combat skills. although lucina might not necessarily need an A skill.
  2. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    What are you using them for? NCD is a strictly AR skill because no other game modes have an abundance of Dazzling / FS weapons. Also don't know why you gave Lucina NCD, she's not a tank. I guess you took it along with DC from Nailah?

    I'll just separate the suggestions for AR from Arena. AR first:

    Ike's set is mostly good, but you obviously want to give him a light blessing instead for scoring + extra Res / HP from Eir. Lucina should replace DC with an A slot that allows her to soak chills from Bike. That means you want her Atk, Spd, Def or Res to be higher than Bike; so that if the enemies have Chill Atk/Spd/Def/Res, Lucina, instead of Ike, will get hit. Spd is already fulfilled. Atk can be done by giving her LnD. Def is the hardest, but you can try Fortress Def/Res and add another 2 flowers to raise it over Bike's. Res is the same. Obviously can only choose LnD or Fort Def Res, not both. So see which one is more important to you.

    For Lucina's B slot, pick a support skill. Chill skills, WoM, Link skills or even Sudden Panic since her HP is good (after HP buff from Eir). For her C slot, use a drive / guard skill. Drive Atk is on 4* Echidna. Close Guard is on Death Knight and Distant Guard is on Kronya.

    I don't know if Lyn is very good for AR. She's a common choice for the Cav Line type defense though.

    For Arena:
    Well you probably should be using Armors right? Lyn is out of the question, she's a cav horse with low BST. Ike and Lucina are ok, the most important thing you have to worry about is the SP cost of their skills. The higher the better.

    Currently, let's look at Ike: Urvan costs 400 SP, Swap is 150 (replace it with a + version of a rally for 400 SP cost), Aether is 500, DC is 300, NCD is 240, Pulse Smoke is 240, QR is 240.

    400+400+500+300+240+240+240=2320. Now SP costs increase in bins of 100, that means 2300 to 2399 give the same score in Arena. So you don't need to give Ike Threaten Atk Def 3.

    That might be a lot, so just ask if you have any questions

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