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PvP Help with team

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Parafrost, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Parafrost

    Parafrost New Member

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    Looking for help on a team for arena, haven't tried intermediate or advanced yet.
    So far, I am unsure on who to exactly use.
    Got a bit lucky with summons, but these are the 5* units I have:
    Cordelia, Camilla, Lucina, Tiki, Robin, Linde, Fae, and Takumi.
    Also, I'm debating which healer I should advance as I do not have Sakura.
    It's either between Lissa, Clarine, or Serra.
    And pros/cons between why I should choose that healer would be helpful.
  2. Syrus

    Syrus Active Member

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    Tiki's pretty awesome. Takumi gets stupid-broken with his counter ability, and I hear a lot of people like Camilla.

    As for healers, I personally enjoyed Serra, though you might be able to get by with Tiki's healing. I dunno; I haven't quite figured out the meta beyond "get Olivia"
  3. Prime

    Prime New Member

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    With new arena event, I've been doing well in advanced. I'd recommend Robin. He's my go to. I like Lucina too because of self heal and beast wrecking. Maybe build off that?

    For what its worth, I don't have Lucina and my least favorite to fight is Tiki. Takes Robin+Healer for me to beat her.
  4. Syntax

    Syntax Member

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    I would advise your arena team be Robin, Lucina, Cordelia, and Takumi.

    If you're feeling confident, you should go for the full 4-bonus hero team and go Robin, Lucina, Takumi, Camilla.

    As for which of the healers you should focus on, the differences are really between their learnt skills. Serra provides 4+ATK to nearby allies, Elise heals herself for the same amount of HP she heals, and Lissa makes your team better at tanking magic attacks.

    Immediately I would eliminate Elise from these choices since there isn't really a situation where you'd want your healer to be tanking damage, and her DEF stat isn't that remarkable to boot.

    Serra and Lissa both have a skill where they boost your allies speed by 4+ after healing, and speed is a stat that I feel benefits far more when used offensively compared to defensively. While there may be some situational cases where you would prefer to have the additional RES, I think Serra's +4ATK buff and +4SPE buff clearly win out here.

    I would go with Serra.

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