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Help managing the barracks for someone with a hoarding problem

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by xchan, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. xchan

    xchan Active Member

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking for some advise on how to manage my barracks. Since the beggining of the game I just kept almost all the 4* and 5* I pulled and expanded the barracks everytime I had to to keep with that habit. I was ok to talk myself into sending home all the 3* without movement skills or with a good IV 4* version as I was not going to use feathers to promote them at all around the time I expanded to 500 (which allowed me to avoid expanding for a while), but the change in pull percentages made that desition pointless sooner than I expected.

    After my pulls on the bunnies banner, I reached the 1k mark and I feel like it is time to clear my barracks again. I would have sent home all the extras of units I have more than eleven copies of and all 3* like I used to do before, but I might be missing on some SI that could some of my 150+ 5* a little better.

    I would like to avoid merging for now, as merging 4* seem a waste of resources (I don't know why IS doesn't allow us to patially/fully upgrade merged units by spending the right amount of feathers....) and while I want to merge some of my 5* to 10 someday not too far away (I would probably make a second thread about that, as it revolves around arena scoring optimization core team, but also a probably swift in spending habbits that I'm too scared to comitt to without a proper discussion) I would like to delay that a little bit more as I'm afraid my OCD might trigger when seeing the shinny (and quite ugly) border on some of my units but not the rest.

    So without further explanations, here is a list of the units, separated in groups. The units underlined are units I have at least one 5* version of.

    High priority foodder (units I have more than 11 copies of so I would like to reduce to 11):

    - 2x Roy
    - 1x Lilina
    - 1x Titania
    - 1x Frederick
    - 1x Cherche
    - 2x Camilla
    - 1x Merric
    - 4x Nino
    - 3x Soren
    - 1x Cecilia
    - 1x Ogma
    - 1x Caeda
    - 2x Hawkeye
    - 1x Sheena
    - 1x Boey
    - 1x Corrin F

    Medium priority foodder (units I have at 3* and are not GHB units):

    - 2x Selena
    - 2x Draug
    - 1x Stahl
    - 1x Donnel
    - 7x Subaki
    - 2x Barst
    - 1x Arthur
    - 1x Nino
    - 1x Gordin
    - 2x Niles
    - 1x Hana
    - 1x Raigh
    - 3x Sophia
    - 1x Oboro
    - 5x Gwendolyn
    - 1x Catria (the free one)
    - 2x Est
    - 4x Shanna
    - 3x Corrin F
    - 1x Odin
    - 1x Setsuna
    - 1x Matthew
    - 1x Gaius
    - 4x Felicia
    - 1x Serra
    - 4x Azama
    - 2x Clarine

    Units mergeable to +10
    (the rest of my units that are not in the previous or following lists):

    - Roy
    - Fir
    - Eirika
    - CorrinM
    - Laslow
    - Palla
    - Caeda
    - Lilina
    - Tharja

    - Donnel
    - Clair

    - Barst
    - Bartre
    - Arthur
    - Hawkeye
    - Sheena
    - Cherche
    - Camilla
    - Boey
    - Merric
    - Nino
    - Soren
    - Cecilia

    Low priority foodder
    (the rest of my units that are not in the previous or following lists):

    - 10x Athena
    - 6x Chrom
    - 6x Olivia
    - 10x Selena
    - 7x Draug
    - 8x Eliwood
    - 6x Stahl (1 of them 3*)
    - 5x ATiki
    - 5x Effie
    - 7x Abel
    - 10x Sully (1 of them 3*)
    - 7x Florina
    - 10x Mae
    - 6x Robin M
    - 7x Reindhart
    - 11x Batre
    - 11x Arthur
    - 11x Frederick
    - 6x Gunter
    - 11x Camilla
    - 8x Beruka
    - 10x Merric
    - 8x Gordin (1 of them 3*)
    - 4x Jorge
    - 3x Rebecca
    - 5x Virion
    - 4x Niles
    - 2x Sothe
    - 7x Jakob
    - 9x Saizo
    - 9x Maria
    - 6x Wrys
    - 6x Lucius
    - 4x Priscilla
    - 10x Marth
    - 4x Lon'qu
    - 9x Hinata
    - 9x Hana (1 of them 3*)
    - 7x Cain
    - 8x Seth
    - 3x Raigh (1 of them 3*)
    - 7x Sophia (3 of them 3*)
    - 7x Henry
    - 5x Lukas
    - 5x Oboro (1 of them 3*)
    - 9x Gwendolyn (5 of them 3*)
    - 3x Jagen
    - 5x Roderick
    - 4x Mathilda
    - 3x Oscar
    - 8x Peri
    - 9x Catria (1 of them 3*)
    - 9x Est (2 of them 3*)
    - 7x Shanna (4 of them 3*)
    - 6x Cordelia
    - 2x Tailtiu
    - 9x Odin
    - 9x Raven
    - 8x Fae
    - 3x Lyon
    - 2x Klein
    - 6x Setsuna (1 of them 3*)
    - 6x Mathew (1 of them 3*)
    - 8x Gaius (1 of them 3*)
    - 9x Felicia (4 of them 3*)
    - 5x Kagero
    - 7x Lachesis
    - 6x Serra (1 of them 3*)
    - 4x Lissa
    - 8x Azama
    - 2x Sakura
    - 7x Clarine (2 of them 3*)

    Untouchables? (extras of 5* units, GHBs and TT):

    - 1x Gerome
    - 4x Navarre (missing the quest reward one)
    - 1x Tobin
    - 1x Ayra
    - 1x Seliph
    - 1x Roy
    - 4x Lloyd
    - 1x Joshua
    - 1x Marisa
    - 1x L!Ike
    - 5x Masked Marth
    - 4x Zephiel
    - 2x Black Knight
    - 1x Brave Roy
    - 1x Xander (haven't done the infernal+quests)
    - 3x Arvis
    - 1x Lyon
    - 1x S!Leo
    - 1x Ephraim
    - 1x Nephenee
    - 1x V!Eliwood
    - 1x Camus
    - 1x Clive
    - 3x Berkut
    - 3x Valter
    - 1x B!Caeda
    - 2x Oliver
    - 1x B!Caeda
    - 1x Shigure
    - 1x S!Catria
    - 4x Ursula (missing the one from the quest)
    - 1x S!Corrin F
    - 3x Legion
    - 3x Brave Ike
    - 5x Hector
    - 1x W!Chrom
    - 2x Titania
    - 4x Michalis (missing the one from the quest)
    - 5x Narcian (missing the one from the quest)
    - 1x Soren
    - 4x Robin F (missing the one from the quest)
    - 1x Inigo
    - 1x S!Corrin F
    - 3x Clarisse
    - 2x S!Gaius
    - 1x NY!Corrin M
    - 2x Takumi
    - 1x FH!Takumi (forgot to do the infernal)
    - 2x Brave Lyn
    - 1x H!Sakura
    - 2x Maria
    - 2x B!Lyn

    Thanks a lot!!
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
  2. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:

    1. Fodder high and medium priority fodder to build your 5* units.
    2. You don't have much use for healers and they can be used interchangeable. Build one or two, and ditch the rest.

    Send Home : (if in BOLD YOU NEVER HOLD MORE THAN ONE unless you really like the unit)

    - Lilina (what do you use her for? spur atk? Aoe special? she's poor fodder in the 1st place)
    - Soren (watersweep is the only thing unique to him that you can inherit. 11 copies if u plan to +10.)
    - Cecilia (Also not good as fodder if you have no plans to +10.)
    - Ogma (Brave sword and noontime. You don't have that many candidates for those)
    - Corrin F (nothing unique or particularly valuable. Hone atk and draconic aura can be found elsewhere cheap)
    - Niles (only useful for iceberg. Give your high-res unit iceberg)
    - Raigh (just no fucking use. Send home on the spot)
    - Sophia (not good fodder outside of dragon fang)
    - Oboro (no fucking use like Raigh for inheritance. send home on the spot)
    - Est (no fucking use like Raigh for inheritance. send home on the spot)
    - Matthew (poison strike 4* at 240 SP. trash fodder otherwise)
    - Gaius (what are you inheriting, PASS? no use)
    - Serra (trash healer and skill fodder)
    - Azama (do you need that much PAIN)
    - Clarine (trash healer and skill fodder)
    - Clair (how many hit&run do you need? feed hit&run on all your good fliers.)
    - Corrin M (trash unit and bad fodder)
    - Eliwood (who uses ward cavalry? otherwise send home)
    - Bartre (send home. nobody uses brash assault in B slot when its a seal.)
    - Merric (trash unit and bad fodder)
    - Jeorge (if you have no plan to build/use him, he's trash fodder)
    - Rebecca (trash unit and bad fodder)
    - Virion (trash unit and bad fodder)
    - Jakob (trash unit and bad fodder)
    - Saizo (trash unit and bad fodder)
    - Maria (you really don't need miracles)
    - Priscilla (trash healer and bad fodder. Her only excuse is she has a horse)
    - Marth (Good unit if you build and refine. Trash fodder)
    - Lachesis (trash healer and trash fodder. Instant send home on spot)
    - Lissa (trash healer and trash fodder. Okay she has renewal but u got Fae)
    - Sakura (trash healer and trash fodder)

    The holy shit you keep so much trash. I hoard the good stuff having more than 10 Pallas myself but this is ridiculous.
    Nankaina, Mukimpo and QuickBit like this.
  3. OPhelia

    OPhelia Active Member

    Likes Received:
    But what if IS gives e.g. Virion a usable unique 5* bow in a couple of updates? I think I didn't send anything home since they started doing that to random units.
  4. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Nah, Virion is a shitty unit who is easy to pick up again. Do note, none of the units who received new inheritable weapons are available at 3* except Felicia, but she legitimately has a DLC weapon in fates aka that plate. They are usually 4* or 5* units.
  5. xchan

    xchan Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Thanks Locky for the answer (and Ophelia for stopping by), but I think I missdirected you with my post. I would like to know if one of the following units could benefit from any of the high and medium priority units I listed above to fill the gaps in their skills with something that might help their performance and not just for the sake of filling the missing gaps.

    Assist skills: Navarre, Athena, FH!Celica, Fir, Lyn, Karel, Lloyd, Joshua, Marisa, Ike, Chrom, Corrin M, Laslow, Eldigan, Brave Roy, Siegbert, Palla, Tiki A, Lyon, S!Leo, W!Tharja, Brave Lucina, Clive, Berkut, B!Caeda, S!Corrin, Legion, S!Xander, Minerva, Narcian, B!Alfonse, Merric, Julia, Soren, Jorge, Clarisse, S!Gaius, Virion, FH!Takumi, Niles, Sothe, NY!Takumi, H!Sakura, B!Kagero,

    Special skills: Grey, Tobin, Seliph, Roy, Olivia, Masked Marth, Selena, Stahl, H!Nowi, Nephenee, S!Robin, Donnel, Charlotte, Shiro, V!Eliwood, Sully, B!Xander, Clair, Florina, Subaki, Ninian, Nowi, Mae, Oliver, Shigure, V!Lyn, B!Catria, Barst, Bartre, B!Chrom, PA!Azura, Arthur, W!Chrom, Titania, Gunter, Cherche, Gerome, NY!Azura, B!Sharena, Inigo, S!Elise, B!Camilla, Cecilia, Gordin, B!Cordelia, Rebecca, NY!Corrin, S!Frederick, PA!Olivia, Jakob, Saizo,

    A skills: Navarre, FH!Celica, Roy, Lloyd, Olivia, Laslow, Draug, Arden, Eliwood, Palla, S!Leo, Sully, B!Xander, Clair, Subaki, Ninian, Mae, Shigure, B!Catria, Barst, Frederick, Narcian, Gerome, NY!Azura, Soren, Inigo, H!Henry, Gunnthr√°, Clarisse, B!Cordelia, S!Gaius, Virion, Saizo, Maria, Wrys, Genny, B!Lyn, Lucius, Priscilla, Elise, Mist,

    B skills: Athena, Grey, Fir, Lyn, Lloyd, Marisa, Chrom, Olivia, Corrin M, Selena, Draug, Eldigan, Stahl, Siegbert, NY!Camilla, Tiki A, Lilina, Lyon, Sharena, Brave Lucina, Charlotte, Shiro, V!Eliwood, Berkut, Florina, Tana, Valter, Nowi, B!Caeda, Delthea, Oliver, Ursula, S!Corrin, Barst, Legion, B!Chrom, S!Tiki, S!Xander, B!Alfonse, Gunter, Minerva, Cherche, Camilla, Beruka, Merric, V!Lilina, Jorge, NY!Corrin, FH!Takumi, Niles, Sothe, Maria, Lucius, Priscilla, Mist,

    C skills: Athena, Seliph, Roy, Fir, Karel, Joshua, Ike, Corrin M, Eldigan, Brave Roy, Stahl, Nephenee, S!Robin, Donnel, Charlotte, Hardin, Abel, Clive, Subaki, Mae, Legion, Bartre, S!Chrom, Arthur, W!Chrom, Titania, Beruka, S!Camilla, Cecilia, Gordin, Rebecca, Virion, H!Jakob, S!Frederick, Jakob, NY!Takumi, Genny, B!Lyn, Lucius,

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Edit: It seems all I needes was to list things up. Updated with the changes.
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  6. Nankaina

    Nankaina Member

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    Keep in mind that builds generally are made based on the specific unit and what you want them to do. There are several ways to build any unit, and you'd probably be better off figuring out which ones you want to build (try them out and see which ones you like using - that's what I did) and looking up individual builds. However, if you REALLY want a list of options for every unit to make them work better in general...

    Assist skills:

    Everyone can benefit from assist skills. In general, I would recommend Draw Back for ranged units, Swap for infantry melees, and Reposition for flying or cavalier units. Some of the units you mentioned already have Rally skills, as I recall, and you can probably invest in some of the double rallies (Roderick's Rally Def/Res, Oscar's Rally Spd/Def, Tailtiu's Rally Spd/Res) for them, as they work well for Arena scoring.

    Special skills:
    My recommendations. These are not the only options, and I am sure plenty of people would disagree.

    Moonbow/Luna: Olivia, Masked Marth, Nephenee, Charlotte, Oliver, B!Catria, B!Chrom, PA!Azura, B!Sharena, Inigo, S!Elise, B!Cordelia, Rebecca, S!Frederick, PA!Olivia, Jakob
    Bonfire/Ignis: Gray, Tobin, Seliph, Stahl, Selena, Donnel, Shiro, B!Xander, Subaki, Nowi, Barst, Bartre, Arthur, W!Chrom, Saizo, Gunter, Gerome, B!Camilla, Gordin, NY!Corrin
    Iceberg/Glacies: Roy, H!Nowi, Sully, Clair, Florina, Mae, V!Lyn, Titania, Cecilia
    Draconic Aura: Elincia, S!Robin, V!Eliwood, Cherche
    Noontime/Sol/Aether: Ninian, NY!Azura, Shigure

    A skills:
    Likewise, the skills I think are best for each. Keep in mind, building units is a very costly process, and you'll probably never be able to have everyone built. Prioritize the ones you like best. Also, keep in mind, anyone who can get Fury will like Fury. It's the most universal A slot, if you don't like or can't access something else.

    Life and Death: Navarre, Narcian, Soren, B!Cordelia, S!Gaius
    Close Def: Roy, B!Xander
    Fury: FH!Celica, Palla, Sully, Mae, Inigo, Virion
    Atk/Res Bond: Lloyd, NY!Azura, H!Henry
    Triangle Adept: Olivia, S!Leo, Clair, Shigure
    Steady Breath/Stance: Laslow, Subaki, Ninian
    Death Blow: Draug, Arden, Eliwood, Barst, Frederick, Gerome
    Swift Sparrow: B!Catria, Clarisse, B!Lyn
    Close Counter: Saizo
    Atk+3: Maria, Wrys, Genny, Lucius, Priscilla, Elise, Mist

    B skills:
    In general, Desperation for fast units, Quick Riposte for tanky units. Hit And Run for flying brave units. That leaves:

    Wrathful Staff/Dazzling Staff/Live To Serve: Maria, Lucius, Priscilla, Mist
    Guard: Lyn, Olivia, Berkut, Niles, B!Caeda
    Breaker Skill: Lilina, Gray, Charlotte, Florina, Ursula, S!Corrin, Barst, V!Lilina
    Vantage: B!Chrom, B!Alfonse, Gunter, Jorge, Sharena

    C skills:
    Depend more on how you plan to use the unit than on the unit itself. On all-cavalry, all-armored, or all-flying teams, get their respective buff types (typically one Hone/Fortify and the rest Goad/Ward). For mixed teams, use Tactic skills where you can. For units who jump between teams, Drive skills are the best, but Hone/Spur/Fortify work as well. Specific options like Armor March are always nice too, but use sparingly. Breath of Life works well with -owl tomes, and Savage Blow works well with Dazzling Staff.
  7. xchan

    xchan Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Thanks for the input Nankaina. I was just looking to see if some of the 3* units or the 4* I had more than 11 copies of were better used to fill gaps in my 5* as opposed to just be sent home like I normally do. I was not looking at making the most efficient builds, but just to work with the extra stuff I had.

    I will think about your suggestions when deciding who to give what.
    Last edited: May 1, 2018

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