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Help choosing an account to keep

Discussion in 'General' started by Seb35, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Seb35

    Seb35 New Member

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    So I have been playing two accounts for a little over a month now (summoned over 500 orbs on each), but I have been getting more busy and only have enough time to play one, so my question is: which account should I play full time and which should i stop playing for the meantime? (I can always go back later). Here's a list of all my good 5* heroes and notable 4*s:

    ACCOUNT 1 (with IV's and general IV ratings):

    --> Fallen Robin (male) (+atk -spd) (perfect iv)
    --> Sanaki (+atk -res) (usable)
    --> Halloween Nowi (+def -hp) (neutral)
    --> Nephenee (+atk -spd) (usable)
    --> Brave Lucina (+res -spd) (quite bad)
    --> Hinoka (+atk -def) (perfect)
    --> Lute x2 (+def -hp) (usable)
    --> Female Morgan (no ivs)
    --> Brave Ike (+spd -hp) (perfect)
    --> Myrrh (+spd -atk) (terrible)
    --> Cordelia (+spd -res) (perfect)
    Honorable 5* mentions:
    Marth, Legendary Ike x2 (after the free one), Olivia, Cain, Mae, Camilla, Spring Sharena, Summer Elise, Faye, Innes, Brave Lyn (after free one)

    ACCOUNT 2:

    --> Fallen Robin (male) (+hp -def) (usable)
    --> Zelgius+2 (+atk -hp) (perfect)
    --> Halloween Nowi (no ivs)
    --> Fjorm (+atk -hp) (perfect)
    --> Ephraim (+hp -atk) (terrible)
    --> Brave Lucina (+def -res) (good)
    --> Brave Ike (+def -hp) (good)
    --> Hector (+hp -res) (neutral)
    --> New Fancy Bow Hinoka (+hp -res) (usable)
    --> Effie x4 (+atk -spd) (perfect)
    Honorable 5* mentions:
    Legendary Ike x2 (after free one), Katarina, Summer Tiki x2, Summer Elise, Halloween Sakura

    Please note that account 1 has much more fodder than account 2 and account 2 has about 100 more orbs to get from story mode.
  2. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Seeing how you're able to tell which IVs are good and which ones are bad, I think you already have your answer. Ac 1 has more resources than Ac 2, and the units there seems better too. Pick that one.
  3. 4dbest

    4dbest Member

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    Why not play with 2 accounts. And focus on Account 1 then just yolo auto on Acct 2. It will make you pretty busy to micro but double the account double the fun.

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