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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BigChungus, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. BigChungus

    BigChungus New Member

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    So, I've been about three months in the game, but im still learning things about it. I think I'm still a goddamn newbie at the game and have no idea on what to do in battle in general. I know that you can manipulate the ai in the game to your favor, but I'm terrible at the process of what the ai does (basically, which unit moves first, when do they buff, etc.) or me trying to manipulate the ai and failing miserably, which often gets my units killed. Anybody here can give me tips/a general guide on ai manipulation? What the ai does and what should my response be? I know the basics by a few youtube videos on the ai is that they often move towards the unit they can deal the most damage towards and the typing, but I don't really know the rest.

    Also, I need some advice on how to grind up sacred coins and refinery stones to craft some seals and upgrade some weapons, since I am planning on upgrading weapons? Is there any other method besides arena/arena assault that you can get those materials? Would like to know if there's more ways to get those items, especially for someone who's still a beginner like me? (Would also like to know how to get a couple of arena medals as well)
  2. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    For the AI, honestly the best way to learn is through experience. There's a very comprehensive guide on AI behavior here: https://vervefeh.github.io/FEH-AI/ but it can get very confusing for new players. It's confusing even to veterans.

    For Sacred Coins and Refine Stones, the main method of earning them comes from Arena Assault. Other than that, you can earn a certain amount from events such as the Grand Conquests that is happening right now, or Voting Gauntlets which happens around once a month.

    Arena Medals are farmable through playing regular Arena. You earn around 40~50 for every match won.

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