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Guide: Buff/Effect Stacking

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Cloudedstrife, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Cloudedstrife

    Cloudedstrife Bro Mod(e): Activate!!! Staff Member

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    Neo Midgar
    Here's a little guide on Buff/Effect stacking!

    Buffs are easily identified by a green up-arrow icon on the character sprite. If you tap on the character to view their stats, the stat(s) being buffed will be shown in blue. They "stick" to the character and typically last the duration of a turn (Player Phase & Enemy Phase).

    Effects will never show up on your character - no arrow icon, no blue text. You only see them by how they affect damage numbers in combat. They always apply whenever their condition is met (usually by standing near the character giving the effect).

    Now, here's the one thing you should remember that will answer all your questions about stacking:

    The Golden Rule of Buff Stacking
    • Each stat can be affected by only one Buff, and any number of Effects.
    Simple! Now you just need to know which is which. Here are all the current passive and support skills currently in the game that boost stats:

    Hone (Atk/Spd)
    Fortify (Def/Res)
    Hone (Cavalry/Armor/Fliers)
    Fortify (Cavalry/Armor/Fliers)
    Defiant (Atk/Spd/Def/Res)
    Rally (Atk/Spd/Def/Res)
    Balm (Kindled-Fire/Swift-Winds/Solid-Earth/Still-Water)


    Spur (Atk/Spd/Def/Res)

    Goad (Cavalry/Armor/Fliers)
    Ward (Cavalry/Armor/Fliers)
    Blow (Death/Darting/Armored/Warding)

    A few other notes

    • If a character would be affected by more than one Buff for a given stat, the higher one takes precedence and the lower one does nothing.
    • The -blade tomes, such as Nino's Gronnblade, only take Buffs into account when calculating added damage. (If Nino has a during-combat boost like Spur Atk, it still works, it just won't count for double)
    • The AOE specials, such as Growing Flame, occur before combat begins, which means they technically are not "during combat" and will not be affected at all by any Effects. (This one might need confirmation but I'm pretty sure it's correct)
    Special Weapons
    For weapons that grant stat boosts, they're mostly the same or similar to these passive skills. Rather than listing out all such weapons, here's your rule of thumb:
    • If a weapon's effect has text like "through their next actions" or "at start of turn", it's a Buff. Examples: Cymbeline, Sieglinde
    • Otherwise, if the effect says "when this unit is attacked" or "when initiating combat", it's an Effect. Examples: Binding Blade, Durandal
    I hope this is helpful for all those learning the game and building teams. It's also a good thing to keep in mind when planning for skill inheritance later this month. Please tell me if I got anything wrong or need to clarify and I'll edit the post.

    Q: Does Hone Atk stack with Spur Atk?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Does Hone Spd stack with Rally Spd?
    A: No, both are Buffs affecting Spd.

    Q: Does Spur Def stack with another Spur Def?
    A: Yep!

    Q: Say I have Eliwood with Durandal, he's been buffed by Gunter's Hone Cavalry, and he stands next to Reinhardt (with Goad Cavalry) and attacks. What are his stat boosts for that round of combat?
    A: All of those will add up, giving him +14 Atk and +10 Spd.

    Q: Okay... now take that same situation and say I've also had Sharena use Rally Atk on Eliwood beforehand. Will he then go up to +18 Atk?
    A: Trick question! The game will actually not allow you to use Rally Attack on Eliwood in that case, since his Atk already has an equal or higher buff (from Hone Cavalry).

    Q: Wait, so Effects can stack on each other indefinitely? Does this mean I can put 4 Reinhardts together on a team and they'll all get +12 Atk/Spd?
    A: Absolutely you can, and why haven't I seen anyone do this yet (full answer: they'd need to stay together in a square, "T", or diamond formation in order to stay fully boosted).

    Credit for this info goes to reddit user joke_LA
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
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  2. Lanthal

    Lanthal New Member

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    Very nice! It makes alot more sense now! thank you
  3. deathspadeii

    deathspadeii Moderator+ Staff Member

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  4. Evan

    Evan Active Member

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    Exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks

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