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[Guide] Archer Guidebook by BrokenCrystal

Discussion in 'Guides' started by BrokenCrystal, May 27, 2017.

  1. BrokenCrystal

    BrokenCrystal New Member

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    Hello everybody. Today is my first day at FEH forum, but I've played FEH since launch. I'm a fan of archers in many FE series, and also a fan of archers in FEH. Even my first 5* unit is Takumi (but with a bad IV +RES -ATK *sad*).
    On the way FEH growing, archers lose their dominate strength day after day, especially since the day skill inheritance is introduced. As an archer's fan, I really dont like it. After days thinking, I finally figure out the way that make archers shine again, and I want to share it with everybody, hope that someday, Archer Emblem will flood FEH instead of Horse Emblem, Armor Emblem or Fliers Emblem.
    Guidebook Menu
    Chapter 1
    Rise of the Archers - Who can counter me?
    (Killer Build - ft. Klein, Takumi, Jeorge, Cordelia [Bride])
    Chapter 2
    The Counter Marksman - Please hit me harder, master!

    (Speedy Tanker Build - ft. Rebecca)

    Update Notes
    - 31/05/2017 : Added Cordelia (Bride) to the list
    - 23/06/2017 : Added Recommended Team (Defense/Attack)
    Sorry for the long talking and not so well English, I'll start my guidebook with a build for Regular Archers.
    I.) Regular Archers ?? Who are they ?? What will they do ??
    Regular Archers are archer that possess similarities in their stats. Their job is to burst down enemies as fast as they can in their turn. Units in this category are Takumi, Klein, Jeorge and Cordelia (Bride).
    The reason I put them in this catergory, is because their ATK and SPD are not too different from each other (Takumi: 32ATK 33SPD Klein: 31 ATK 33 SPD, Jeorge: 32 ATK 32 SPD) with an exception of Cordelia [Bride] (35ATK 35SPD). She's a monster.

    - As a damage dealer, their high ATK amongst archers give them ability to burst down their target easily before they can even notice.
    - As a damage dealer, sometimes they might get caught in a sticky situation that enemy's long range burst unit (could be their doppelganger, or That's So Raven tome users, buff-me-a-lot BlahBlahBlade tome users,...), their high SPD will help them escape being doubled to death.
    - As an archer, we are fabulous, and noble. We dont step in the 3 colors' love triangle, provide us a wise sight which +100% damage to those who are lost in that love triangle.

    - Because we are leading those archers to the way of murderer, sometimes justice will shine and unit with Brave weapons or Reinhart/Owen will pop out from nowhere. Just one misplace may result in death.
    - Invest price is quite expensive.

    II. Sounds fun, so how can I build a Regular Archers ?
    The build of a Regular Archers is an expensive build, but once you gathered all the requirements, you will turn your Regular Archer into a Killer Archer.
    Weapon: Firesweep Bow+
    Assist: Draw Back / Reposition
    Special: Dragonic Aura / Miracle
    Passive A: Life and Death 3
    Passive B: Seal Defense 3 / Swordbreaker 3
    Passive C: Savage Blow 3 / Hone Atk 3 / Hone Spd 3
    Sacred Seal: SPD + 1

    Here's a small picture of my Klein
    1. About IV
    +ATK/SPD: Because we are the killing machine, +ATK/SPD IV is the best IV for us. Here are more specific IV for each unit:
    Takumi: +SPD. Because Takumi has the highest ATK compare to the other two, a +SPD IV will make him double almost all unit in the game, except Linde (who will die easily in 1 hit because her squishy defense)
    Klein: +ATK. He has the lowest ATK, but good speed amongst Regular Archers, so +ATK IV work best on him.
    Jeorge: Either +ATK or +SPD is fine. He's so easy to chose
    Cordelia [Bride] : Either +ATK or +SPD is fine. She's a monster already. Even +HP is acceptable

    -DEF/RES: DEF/RES is the thing to sacrifice for our strength. Here are more specific IV for each unit:
    Takumi: -DEF. Takumi already have low RES. -RES IV will make him very squishy against mage
    Klein: -RES. Here's what I like about Klein. In a -RES IV, his DEF and RES is near each other (20 and 21), make him the best survivor against both magical and physical attack. He also have good HP compare to Jeorge
    Jeorge: -DEF. Jeorge is kinda squishy. He has low HP, so better watch out
    Cordelia [Bride]: -RES and she'll be fine. -DEF may put her in some bad situation but also acceptable.

    2. About Weapon:
    Firesweep Bow+ : This bow, in my opinion, is the best bow so far for archers. This is the reason why archers can now stand against Raven's followers. In the past, archers can be easily wipe out with one hit from Raven tome users. We hit them, they hit back, we die before we can x2 them (or we survive and their special skill activated, next turn we die). Even when we use Brave Bow+ to double them, the damage from the Brave Bow is too low, and they always survive with low HP (around 5HP). After that, they will send out ravens to send us to death.
    But now, with the almighty Firesweep Bow+, we can easily double them without any resistance. Sweet huh?

    3. Special Skill:
    - Dragonic Aura: to add more damage to our nuke. Usually a Regular Archers with Killer build will have 50+ ATK without buffs, so Dragonic Aura proc = +15 damage more in battle. Damage from Dragonic Aura can also help us secure a kill on Raven users that have Triangle Adept and high DEF (RobinM popular build for example)
    - Miracle: This is a pretty good way to survive in battle, but you will need sometimes to activate it. It help in some situations.
    Q: Why not Moonbow? Everybody is using Moonbow
    A: I always see people using Moonbow in their damage dealer builds. In my opinion, with this Killer Archer build, Moonbow can only bypass Dragonic Aura if we fight a unit with at least 34DEF, and we only have 17 unit in the game that possess that high DEF (3 fliers include, who should be excluded because vunerable to bow). Because of the calculation, I think Dragonic Aura is > Moonbow in this build

    Skill A: Life and Death. Main skill for nukers, +ATK +SPD while -DEF -RES. Just 20k feathers....
    Inheritable from: Hana 5* (is a free unit and can be found as 1*), Jaffar 5* (summon as 5*), Minerva 5* (summon as 5*)

    Skill B:
    - Seal Defense 3: Why using Seal Defense when we can easily double and kill that unit in our turn? The purpose when I use Seal Defense here is to reduce the defense of enemy units that attack us during their turn. As long as they are not Reinhart/ Olwen or Brave Users, their defense will be reduce by 7 and secure their death in our next turn. Not a good passive, but acceptable if you dont have those luxury passive.
    Inheritable from: Oboro 4* (can be summon as 3*)

    - Swordbreaker 3: There are around 15-20 units that MAY have higher speed than us, and most of them are Sword users. Take this to ensure a double strafe and kill them before they can stick those swords in our ass
    Inheritable from: Abel 4* (can be summon as 4*)

    Skill C:
    - Savage Blow 3: Take away 7 HP of enemy units who stay behind our target. This skill works like an AoE Seal Defense3/Seal Res3 to the enemy (-7HP is somewhat as same as -7DEF/RES in damage calculation. Let's say an enemy unit have 40HP 20DEF and you have 53ATK. Normally you will deal 33dmg to that unit. But if that unit suffer from Seal DEF (-7DEF) or suffer from Savage Blow in our last turn (which make it's HP become 33), then that 33dmg of us will become the finish blow). Best skill so far for a Killer Archer
    Inheritable from: Camilla 4* (can be summon as 4*)

    - Hone ATK 3 / Hone SPD 3: To buff other units, feel free to take any if you like
    Inheritable from: Hone ATK: Corrin(F) 4*, Olivia 4*. Hone SPD: Matthew 4*, Eirika 4*

    III. Which team should I put them into ???
    Although they are all Regular Archers, their stats distribution make them shine in a specific position than other.
    - Klein / Jeorge / Takumi: These guy can be put in both Defense and Attack Team. They possess high ATK/SPD and somewhat low-but-enough DEF/RES/HP to survive a hit in arena
    - Cordelia(Bride): She has sky rocket ATK/SPD with even neutral IV, and a hell defensive stats, so Cordelia (Bride) should always be put in Attack Team. Set her in Defensive Team is basically give the enemy ranged unit 1 free kill, because her squishiness is more than a wet paper.

    This will end my first post about Archers. I'll update more pictures and guides for other Archers (ongoing: Niles, Gordin, Faye).
    I hope to get as many feedback as I can, and also comment about this build.
    Thank you for reading. ~
    ~ Let's make Archers great again ~
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
  2. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Hi! Welcome to the forums! Also nice that your first post is an archer guide, which is sorely missing. Thanks for the write-up.

    As situational, and "not recommended" as it is, Iote's shield exists and if it ever gets inherited, it usually goes to tanky fliers. Do note that Zephiel also carries Life and Death at 5* but he is a very limited GHB unit.
  3. Beastmode

    Beastmode Active Member

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    Dude this if awesome. So glad to have you on the forums. Would you ever recommend running this build on a +spd Rebeccca? 42 speed with L/D but her attack is only 45.

    Looking forward to more archer guides!
  4. BrokenCrystal

    BrokenCrystal New Member

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    Hi, thanks for your comment. I'm gonna post a guide about Rebecca later (stil writing it xD) because her stat is kinda different from the three archers above. As you can see, her biggest problem is low attack, so if Rebecca want to run this build, her IV must be +ATK to perform well. But then, in your situation, you would like to give her a +ATK seal instead of +SPD, and an allies that have Hone ATK to give her the ability to strike well.
    This build is not a good build for +SPD Rebecca anyway. Wait for my Rebecca guide for another build, and then you can consider what you want xD
    Beastmode likes this.
  5. Beastmode

    Beastmode Active Member

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    Thanks for the response. Looking forward to it :)
  6. BrokenCrystal

    BrokenCrystal New Member

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    Thanks for all the support in my last post. I'll continue the guide with another build: The Counter Marksman

    - The Counter Marksman - or - The Speedy Tanker -
    Recommended Character: Rebecca - Wildflower
    I. IV and Skill Build:
    IV: +SPD -RES/-DEF
    Weapon: Silver Bow+
    Support Skill: Pivot / Reposition
    Special Skill: Dragon Fang / Miracle / Moonbow
    Skill A: Defense 3 / Fury 3
    Skill B: Quick Riposte 1-2-3 / Deparation 3
    Skill C: Threaten Def 3 / Threaten Atk 3 / Hone Spd 3 / Hone Atk 3
    Sacred Seal: HP+3
    II. Explanation:
    Rebecca is one of the archers that have high SPD stat (but not the highest). With a +SPD IV, her SPD rise to the top 1 of archers and top 3 of all units. Her DEF is at decent level, while RES stay at high level give her the oppotunity to tank 1-2 hit from the enemy unit, and possibly wipe them out with her counter attack. If the enemy cant kill her in it's turn, then Rebecca will return and send that enemy unit to hell.

    1. About IV:
    +SPD : To ensure that no one can double Rebecca during her tank phase. If your A Skill is not Fury 3, you might want her to get buff before rushing her to the front line, especially when you face the buff-me-alot-BlahblahBlade team.
    -DEF/RES: Just to make it for the +SPD. You will want to take 3 more damage, not a lot more damage from double attack

    2. About Weapon:
    - Silver Bow+ : Because Rebecca main problem is her low attack, Silver Bow+ will help her punish everyone who dare to come near her

    3. About Support Skill:
    - Pivot: To help her rush into the front line and bait long-range enemy unit. This skill is not good and handy compare to Reposition, so just take it when you have no Reposition food.

    - Reposition: A very good support skill that help you fix your bad move. Have many use in battle.

    4. About Special Skill:
    - Dragon Fang: A 4 cooldown skill. This skill is the best fit for Rebecca in my opinion, because it help with her clumsy attack stat. As a high speed tanker, if battle against melee unit, Rebecca can always start the fight and get 2 cooldown, then the enemy attack (cant kill her) give her 1 more cooldown. And at her turn, Rebecca will burst their mistake easily. If against ranged unit, Rebecca will gently let them poke her first, then she will turn the table.
    Inheritable from: Corrin (M) 4* , Sophia 4*

    - Dragonic Aura: 3 cooldown. Faster than Dragon Fang, but will make Rebecca's return more gloomy, as she can only kill 88 units with this skill (compare to 106 units with Dragon Fang skill).
    Inheritable from: Camilla 4*, Corrin (F) 4*

    - Miracle: Good skill to save Rebecca's life. Battle scene can happen like Dragon Fang, and Rebecca will get Miracle activated. Only use it when you already have a Killer Archer with you. If Rebecca is the main source of damage, I recommend give her Dragon Fang / Dragonic Aura.
    Inheritable from: Maria 4*, Lucius 4*

    5. Skill A:

    - Defense 3: Rebecca's DEF stat lurks around the line between low and average. Rising her DEF by 3 will make it become average, giving her more chance to survive enemy's physical attack. Defense 3 is also a solution for people who don't like the 6HP minus per battle of Fury 3, or for people that don't have a Hinata for skill inheritance.

    - Fury 3: The reason is the same with Defense 3. Taking Fury 3 alow you to engage battle better in your turn, but vice versa, -6HP/battle is a great penalty for Rebecca in this build (we are using her at tanker). Another note is never take Miracle with Fury 3, because when your HP is reduced to 1 (thanks to Fury), Miracle won't work.

    6. Skill B:
    - Quick Riposte 1-2-3: To quickly vaporize any ranged unit who dare to poke Rebecca. You can take the skill at level 1 or level 2 because once Rebecca get hit, the skill will become unusable unless you have a healer on your team. I really dont recommend Quick Riposte 3 because there's no 4* unit get their touch on this skill, and Quick Riposte 3 is merely waste if you dont have healer.
    Inheritable from: Subaki 3* 4* 5*

    - Desperation 3: After Rebecca tank 1 hit from any enemy, her HP will always reduce below 75% and activate Desperation 3. This skill work best in this build because we are using a +SPD Rebecca, whose SPD stat may reach 41 with buff. Desperation 3 will let her Silver Bow+ become a steroid Brave Bow+. Worth to learn if Rebecca is the main source of damage.
    Inheritable from: Shanna 4*

    7. Skill C:
    - Threaten Def 3: Make Rebecca's return more shine, and also help her teammate to kill the target quickly. There's no reason not to take this skill. Best for a tanker. You might want to take Threaten Res 3 if your main source of damage is a mage.
    Inheritable from: Michalis 4* , Peri 4*

    8. Sacred Seal:
    - HP + 3: This is the most unbalance seal in my opinion. Although it works like the HP 1 skill, it's bonus will give us a unit with 2 HIGH STAT (1 of which is HP) and 1 LOW STAT. And HP stat is good for a tanker.


    Is there any other character that can use this build ???
    Yes, there is.
    Setsuna with IV +ATK-RES or +DEF-RES
    Jeorge with IV +SPD-RES/DEF and his Main Wp: Parthia
    Takumi with IV +SPD-DEF/RES and his Main Wp: Fujinn Yumi
    Note: Their performance will be better compare to Rebecca with this build, but this is not their best build. (IMO 7/10 for Setsuna, 6/10 for both Jeorge and Takumi)

    Thanks for reading this long post. Hope that it will help you to build your character in FEH. Feel free to leave any comment <3
    @Beastmode , this is 1 of my 2 build for Rebecca, wonder if you like it or not xD. I still have an offense Rebecca build and will post it later today or tmr

    Source: (still cant link links yet)
    FEH Wiki
    Locky's Unit Archetypes and Teambuilding Guide
    FEH Damage Calculator
  7. Akkie

    Akkie New Member

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    Thanks for your guide =v=
    I'm newbie of FEH and have no idea about build Klein =)))
    However, unfortunately, my Klein is +HP -ATK :'<
  8. BrokenCrystal

    BrokenCrystal New Member

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    @Akkie unfortunately... -ATK Klein is the worst @-). Don't build him because it's a waste...Better try to summon Cordelia Bride because she's the hotest archer now
  9. Mukimpo

    Mukimpo Active Member

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    Yeah cordelia bride is awesome!!!
  10. Omuno

    Omuno Member

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    Ah, I Missed this Guide :D
    This is my personal Rebbecca, she's my personal Mage Baiter/Killer


    IV is -ATK +RES, i might as well build her because i got her at 5* already. She sucks at dueling archer, or tanky mage, can deal quite a bit of damage because of Chilling Wind.

    Down the line i will add Glacies for more damage.
  11. Mukimpo

    Mukimpo Active Member

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    Btw i found out that pairing ur glass cannon (high atk low def/res) archer with a bulky infantry with reposition skill helps a lot, basically get archer to attack and then reposition to bring the attacker back to safety ( preferably with a melee unit with distant counter), and repeat again and again until enemy units decimated
  12. BrokenCrystal

    BrokenCrystal New Member

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    @Mukimpo yes, that's the strategy I use to dominate every arena battle :D, 4842 this week because my Anna is not fully built yet ^^
    Mukimpo likes this.

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