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Forum/Chat Infraction and STRIKE system.

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Cloudedstrife, Jul 7, 2017.

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  1. Cloudedstrife

    Cloudedstrife Bro Mod(e): Activate!!! Staff Member

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    Neo Midgar
    New "Infraction System"

    The rules will be enforced with an infraction method (a modification of the current warning system) using "STRIKES" depending on the nature of the situation encountered. This will replace the current "warning system" as it feels the warnings don't meaningfully impact the forum in a positive way. These infractions are permanent and once 3 are accumulated, a temp ban will automatically come into affect and the ban will last 1 week. If a member manages to reach ONE INFRACTION again after the first ban, the offender will be permanently banned from the site. Mods can overturn infractions on a case by case basis if deemed necessary.


    1. If a member breaks a rule but does not significantly affect in a negative way another member, they will be given a single Strike.

    2. If the breaking of a rule causes stated discomfort or hostility to another member and not stopped, the infraction will be worth 2 Strikes.

    3. These determinations will be made on a case by case basis. As it is by nature a subjective topic, mods will collaborate on fringe cases.

    4. Any member helping to incite or further antagonize a dispute in progress could face infraction as well.

    1: No harassment (obviously). If a member feels personally attacked, please report the opposing party and it will be immediately investigated by the mods.

    2: No (severe) retaliation. We all have opinions. And we all have a pretty sick sense of humor some times. If something is wrong, you need to take it out of chat (either to PMs or just leave the conversation) and report the incident. Responding with threats or further personal attacks will result in both members receiving warning Strikes.

    3: No inappropriate images/videos. The chat gets very weird some times. And it makes it fun ;).

    4: No "baiting". Welcome to the internet. Where the greatest joy is starting fights (apparently). Any member who intentionally says something to stir up an argument (yes there is a difference between an argument and a discussion, you should have learned that a long time ago) will be given warning Strikes.

    5: Ignore. (Click a player's name and it will show up on their profile). As sad as it is I have to give this it's own entry. The ignore button is there for people to filter exactly what they see in chat. IT IS A GOOD TOOL. Please be advised, users cannot "ignore" Moderators. That being said, some quick guidelines. Firstly, if you ignore someone, you do not need to tell them you ignored them. Secondly, if you find someone has ignored you, do not petition other members to try to get you un-ignored. Both of these actions will be treated as "baiting" since they only start arguments.

    If anyone has any problems with these rules, please feel free to PM the Moderation staff.

    Thank you.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
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