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Favorite hero of each category

Discussion in 'General' started by Rubi, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    There's a theme in the FEH subreddit with ten categories and one unit in each category: Red sword, Blue lance, Green Axe, Bow, Dagger, Red tome Blue tome, Green tome, Breaths (all color) and healers. Here are my favorite units, one for each category.

    Red Sword: Elincia [​IMG]
    Elincia's Amiti is insanely powerful, not only does it have +3 atk compared to brave sword+, it also gets +3 spd, letting her easily running quad builds. Not only that, but Elincia is a flier, so she gets to use flier buffs and can flier through obstacles. Her unique b skill Flier Formation is a really great skill to combo with allied fliers. I think Elincia is the game's second best sword unit, right behind Ayra.

    Blue Lance: Lukas [​IMG]
    If you know about my Lukas, this isn't a surprising choice. Lukas is always called "an armor unit who moves 2 spaces", and that's because that's what he is: Absurd amount of Def, above average Atk and Hp, and low Res and Spd. This stat spread allows Lukas to run Quick Riposte very well, and can do crazy damage with bonfire, while not taking any damage back from physical enemies. Just stay away from any magic users. Bonus video.

    Green Axe: Sheena [​IMG]
    Shanna is the most defensive unit in the entire game. With 36 Def and 33 Res at neutral, it is unbelievably hard to kill her without using high Atk reds. The only thing holding Sheena back is her very average Atk. One of the best units to give Distant Counter to.

    Colorless Bow: Innes [​IMG]
    I had my pity rates broken by Innes a while back. At first I wasn't that excited because I thought Innes is just a gimmicky mage check. After checking his stat spread and testing him out, I've come to the realization that I don't have to use the bullcrap Fortress Res CA set that IS wants us to use. I've put LnD 2 and Desperation on him and he became an absolute beast. Not only does he have an impressive 33 Atk and 34 Spd at neutral, he also comes with the legendary Nidhogg (Owl Bow). If you pair him up with an ally supported unit with Spur Atk, he gets 8 extra Atk when the ally is adjacent! (4 from Spur Atk, 2 from Ally support, 2 from Nidhogg).
    Point is, Innes isn't a mage counter. Just because IS gave him a gimmicky skill set doesn't make him good at countering mages. He's more like a Bridelia with a great Prf bow. The next unit on my list though, is what I call a true mage counter:

    Colorless Dagger: Halloween Sakura (Nekura) [​IMG]
    I don't have Nekura, but she is my favorite Dagger user because of how cute she is, and how powerful Kitty Paddle is. Most mages you see in arena have low def, so Nekura should have no problem OHKO-ing them. I think either vantage will be wonderful on Nekura so she picks off mages even on enemy phase, or CA to counter TA raven tome users.

    Red Tome: Sanaki [​IMG]
    Unfortunately I don't have Sanaki either. And I don't think she's the best red mage there is. However I'm a big fan of her high Atk and Res stats. If I one day get her, I might try to build a Warding Blow + BA set. With BA being released as a seal, slow units like Sanaki can fulfill a different niche than fast mages like Celica and Katarina.

    Blue Tome: Delthea [​IMG]
    Delthea is in my opinion the most versatile unit in the entire game, and certainly the best mage in the game. I've constantly talked about how she's the queen of stat min-maxing, but for anyone who doesn't know: Delthea has the 2nd highest Atk, 4th highest Spd, 6th highest Res, the lowest Def and the lowest HP among mages. Delthea sacrifices stats that mages don't need (Def and HP) and invested them all into Atk, Spd and Res. It is ridiculous how min-maxed she is. The only unit who min-maxes even more than her is Arden, and Arden is a meme.
    If that isn't already enough to make Delthea one of the best mages, she also comes with the Dark Aura tome, letting her act as support as well. She's great at both killing units and supporting units, you can't go wrong with that.

    Green Tome: Deirdre [​IMG]
    I don't have any strong opinions about green mages, but if I have to pick one it would be Deirdre. Deirdre is a very unique unit due to her Divine Naga tome negating buffs on her enemies. She's by far the best Dragonslayer in the game because there's no Ward Dragons, and Fortify Dragons doesn't work against her. She's also a great magic tanker, especially against blade tomes.

    Breath User: Ninian [​IMG]
    Among Dragons, I have to pick Ninian as my favorite unit. When the performing arts banner came, the value of Lance Azura and Sword Olivia diminished because Axe Azura comes with a better base kit. However, Ninian was able to maintain her niche of being the only Dragon among singers/dancers, and also access to Fortify Dragons buff, which means she has more value in a Dragon team than Axe Azura. Ninian is currently my summoner supported unit, but I might switch over to Delthea one day.

    Colorless Staff: Mist [​IMG]
    Mist is an ironic choice, because stand alone, Mist is probably the worst healer in the game. I picked Mist as my favourite healer though, because her art is really cute, and she has the unique Spur Def/Res skill, which is a godsend for defensive units. Imagine a Sheena buffed by Geyser Dance and Spur Def/Res.

  2. XRay

    XRay Active Member

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    Sacramento, California
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    I will go a little more in depth with movement included as well, with the one listed first more favored. I picked them solely for game play reasons.

    Sword Infantry: Olivia
    Sword Flier: Elicincia
    Sword Cavalry: Sigurd
    Sword Armor: Draug (Black Knight and Arden have a lack of merges.)

    Lance Infantry: Azura
    Lance Flier: Cordelia
    Lance Cavalry: Oscar
    Lance Armor: Effie

    Axe Infantry: PA!Azura
    Axe Flier: Cherche
    Axe Cavalry: Frederick
    Axe Armor: Amelia

    Bow Cavalry: BH!Lyn
    Bow Infantry: BB!Cordelia
    Bow Armor: TOD!Jakob

    Dagger Infantry: PA!Olivia

    Red Tome Cavalry: Leo
    Red Tome Flier: TOD!Nowi
    Red Tome Infantry: Celica

    Blue Tome Cavalry: Reinhardt
    Blue Tome Flier: NS!Corrin
    Blue Tome Infantry: Delthea

    Green Tome Cavalry: Cecilia
    Green Tome Flier: SF!Camilla
    Green Tome Infantry: NS!Elise
    Green Tome Armor: TOD!Henry

    Blue Breath: Ninian
    Red Breath: Y!Tiki
    Green Breath: Fae

    Staff Cavalry: Elise
    Staff Infantry: BB!Lyn
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  3. OPhelia

    OPhelia Active Member

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    Really? Those choices surprise me. I think they're the worst in their respective categories u.u

    (also the green tome armor is Henry)
  4. Omuno

    Omuno Member

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    I'll Join in :D

    Red Sword: Lyn [​IMG]
    My first red lord unit :D, she carries me through my early game of FEH, when I was still a noob. I didn't know about IV back then and she was +ATK - DEF! Really good I must say.

    Blue Lance: Peri [​IMG]
    Peri grew on me as a unit, I got her as a pity breaker on S!Corrin Banner, She's now wrecking people's faces with Firesweeplance+.

    Green Axe: PA!Azura [​IMG]
    So many Competition, I've used Cherce the most, but Anna is a very close second, I like her chibi sprite, and She's breaking green meta at the early game with a monster SPD and RES. But I settle on PA!Azura, can't resist PA!Azura :p

    Colorless bow: Clarisse [​IMG]
    Coolest archer Ever.

    Red Tome: Celica [​IMG]
    Still haven't got her, IS please.

    Blue Tome: Robin [​IMG]

    Green Tome: Sonya [​IMG]
    Haven't got her too, IS please.

    Colorless Dagger: Kagero [​IMG]
    Murder Machine :p

    Breath User: Ninian [​IMG] [​IMG]
    My first 5* dancer, She's the first one to have 2000 HM at that time, because I took her everywhere.

    Staff user: Wrys [​IMG]
    Source of MEME fun, Definitely Top tier healer in my book
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  5. Evan

    Evan Active Member

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    Red Sword: Ike
    Blue Lance: Camus
    Green Axe: Hector (Sorry Legion :( )
    Bow: Lyn
    Dagger: I hate them all.
    Red Tome: Nowi
    Blue Tome: Shigure
    Green Tome: Robin
    Breaths: Fae I guess
    Healers: Lyn
  6. MitsuBlue23

    MitsuBlue23 Member

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    Red Sword: Lucina Lucina
    Awakening is my first game in the FE franchise, so naturally, I have an inclination towards the heroine. Lucina is popular and for a good reason. She upstages her own father, Chrom, the hero and the main male protagonist of the installment (not counting the avatar AKA you, the player - Robin) and because she's the heroine, she doesn't get stereotyped as the "damsel in distress" archetype that most female characters become portrayed as. She's badass, but she's shown her vulnerability and she has personality. I mean, she goes back in time and takes it upon herself to bear the weight of the world's future on her shoulders and takes action herself. Most of the red sword units that are guys are pretty boring too IMO, they're all alike and hardly have any outstanding personalities. They're cool, but they all still feel two-dimensional while Lucina just seems like there's more complexity to her and such.

    Blue Lance: Azura Azura
    Never underestimate the power of a waifu. But Azura represents everything that is my favorite colour, even her name representing it, blue. There is really no complex explanation for why she is my favorite like how I like Lucina. She's an amazing blue lance unit, wielding Sapphire Lance, she kills everything red. But even the weapon itself, the Sapphire Lance is the prettiest weapon of the three colour triangle. I like her character design, from her hair, to her ethereal dress, her concept, etc. is just all ties in nicely. Plus she's a singer, besides her own son, which I like the idea of better than a dancer which there are also more of.

    Green Axe: Hector Hector
    This guy is a beast. Arguably the best defense phase unit with Armads having QR2 which frees up his B slot and DC, despite Bolin. Plus, he's daddy AF. His artwork in FEH makes him so attractive, if I were to think of a knight in shining armor, Hector is the epitome of such. He's a general too. Yeah, daddy AF.

    Bow: Klein Klein
    I like characters that appear very regal and Klein looks very much like the royalty he is. He's a great archer out of the box and he's also one of the best fodder. I also like his artwork in the game.

    Dagger: Felicia Felicia
    Bye Felicia! (Bc she ded). That's literally the one reason I need to love her. But joking aside, her character is so comical and she has personality. I think it's very funny that they made her exactly the opposite of what she's supposed to be like. I love her lines and I simply enjoy her as a character.

    Red Tome: Celica Celica
    Celica reminds me a deal of myself. She mostly and mainly is seen as "boring" and a "goody goody" by most people, which she kind of is, but there's more to her and reason why she is the way she is. I love characters (which are usually royalty) that have some archaic, strange real names. She's also waifu and her artwork in FEH is one of the best IMO. Doesn't stray too far from the original which I respect and as a unit in the game, she's currently the best red tome. Well, IMO as well. I love my build for her, I love her weapon and its animation is worth the waste of time to watch it. It literally looks like she's nuclear bombing her enemies which I feel is fitting for how powerful she is. Celica also has the strong apperance of royalty which I previously mentioned that I am fond of.

    Blue Tome: Linde Linde
    Another waifu, are you surprised yet? Linde looks like a petite, innocent young woman but actually, she's out for blood. I absolutely love that. Character that is not like how one appears. She is not to be underestimated and a force to be reckoned with. I love her artwork in the game and she's the best blarblade user, as well as also wielding the highest combined offensive attack+speed stat. Despite how much she excels as a bladetome user, I actually fell in love with her through her ability to heal with her BoL and default tome effect (and now SS as well). She is my go-to in TT where I am able to heal the hell out of everyone while nuking my enemies at the same time.

    Green Tome: Nino Nino
    I thought Nino was a boy when I first started playing because FEH is my first dive into the franchise. Also, I judged by her name. Again, another example of a character that is not like how one appears, lolol. But how can you not love cute little, nuke you to death Nino. She tries her best! That alone is enough for me to love her. (Plus blowing stuff up is just a bonus to Nino).

    Breath User: Ninian Ninian
    Ninian looks ethereal, I love her design and artwork. Just basic reasons really.

    Healer: Maria Maria
    Best infantry healer and she's the youngest in a family full of drama. She looks like a Studio Ghibli character in her FEH artwork and her siblings' love for her resonates with us.
  7. tautet

    tautet Active Member

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    haha, funny ^^
    i'm in
    (but i just use the units i have)

    sword - Ike (cuz he's the best with good iv's)
    lance - Azura (cuz she's cute AF and fav unit)
    axe - Axzura (cuz that^)
    (honorable mention - bike)

    archer - klein (cuz he was my First good bow and bowlyn is more defence unit for me)
    dagger - i dont have any good dagger (but sakura looks pretty adorable)

    Red Tome - was celica (cuz she's awsome AF, but shit nature and saced her for dd) so [noWi]tch (cuz flier, cute and no Pegasus/wyvern)
    blue Tome - Reinhardt (cuz he's insanely good) and Delthea which i finally got (awsome, but shit iv's... —.—)
    green Tome - S_elise (cuz she's strong and cute)

    dragon - ninian (she's awsome, First 5* dragon/dancer, great iv's and +2)
    healer - wrys xD (u all know my 5* #neverforget wrys and he's just awsome AF in my Training Team)
  8. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    ah, that reddit choose your 10 favourites has caught on here I see. I'll chip in, though forum regulars should already know my favourites.

    As per @MitsuBlue23 request, this post has been expanded.

    Sword - Sigurd.

    Really liked the guy in FE4. Strong lord unit, and an all-round great guy and loving father who got really fucked through politics and backstabbing (thanks Arvis!). He's also notably the only person who doesn't make fun of Arden at all and puts faith in him (when even the game itself+ narrator poke fun, mock him and make Arden out to be a meme and joke).

    Lance - Sharena

    My first 5* upgrade, and she's cute. Still works well with Nino, and even if there are others that beat her to that bladetome buffer role. Can't say much since well, she's new to the FE franchise. Camus unfortunately lost his place in the horse team since I pulled and merged Reinhardt, but he would be 2nd place. Camus is a good man serving a shitty king (one who would surrender without a fight, and left control of the Sable Knights to Dolhr), so bound by loyalty even to his own detriment (and that of the women who loved him - Nyna and Tatiana), and starting the long tragic line and FE tradition of good, loyal men who you hoped to be recruited (game even teases you with the prospect and shuts you down later) but would be fighting you until the bitter end to their deaths. You know these as the Camus Archetype.

    Fun fact : Camus is an outlier in the Camus archetype because he's the only one who gets to come back from the dead and get a 2nd shot in life to make amends.

    Axe - Michalis

    He did set the standards for the antagonistic royal prince/king mold and tropes of fire emblem (its named the Michalis archetype for good reasons), yet over 20 years and 15 games later, he ironically remains the only outlier in the very archetype he established. In spite of what his title the Ambitious King would tell you, he's the only one in his own archetype to give up his own personal ambitions and bid for power for the sake of the archetypal "girl-who-cares-abt-the-villain"(Maria), and its oddly interesting and heartwarming he would do so, especially if you are aware of the fate of girls such as Rinea in SoV...

    Fun fact 2: like Camus, he's the only one in his archetype who gets to come back from the dead and get a 2nd shot in life to make amends (and succeeds too).

    Archer - Bow Lyn

    too OP! That is all. Ok jokes aside, Lyn is every FE7 beginner's nice new welcome, and she does have her own little story of reuniting with a grandfather who thought she was lost to him. She does get her happy ending with him, and she can potentially marry either eliwood or hector. She did fight for that ending, and stood up to people who questioned her heritage (her grandfather was a lord, and the nobility didn't like the idea of a girl who's half noble, half nomad).

    Dagger - Kagero

    Poison dagger, and bonus points for being the same VA as Nino :eek:. I'm not too familiar with Kagero from Fates so I can't comment beyond that. Also Jaffar sucks ass in FEH when he was so good in FE7. I wish I could put him here but FEH jaffar sucks too much. Also, I don't have him here.

    Red Tome - Arvis

    Fascinating antagonist to Sigurd, and later Seliph in FE4 aka Game of Thrones of the Fire emblem universe. Stealing Sigurd's wife Deirdre and rubbing into her face aside, he actually did grow to truly love both Deirdre and Julia, and put in effort into trying to be a good father to her. This is a guy who did all sorts of horrible things genuinely believing he was acting in the best interests of his nation, only for his ideals to fall apart, and his struggle and failure to make things right is quite the journey and development.

    Blue Tome - Reinhardt

    When he says in FEH, "I will remain with you, no matter the circumstances", he really did mean it in his original game. He's a Camus archetype, a good man blinded by loyalty and bound to it until the very bitter end to death. Absolutely broken man in more ways than one, as FEH unit, as a boss fight in FE5, and as a character, for magic isn't everything in the world of FE5. All the magic in his hands couldn't save him from politicking, from spiraling downwards from demotion to banishment and eventual suicide by sister.

    Green Tome - Nino

    She's the most famous and popular of Est Archetypes (the low level, low bases, and joins late, and takes lots of babysitting to kick ass unit with good growth rates. She's also like a mini-protagonist in the Black Fang arc, through the sheer amount of unique dialogue she has with every single member of the Black Fang. Its almost a proper story in itself if you read all the convos, and they're a little funny, but mostly sad, and all worth a read, even if it means making Nino cry, fight and kill the very people she once called family, kill them in their "zombified" Morph versions again and lay them to rest for good, and grow up stronger and remain cheerful for everything the game (and you) put her through.

    dragon - Fae

    She's really cute too! There's also her interactions with another divine dragon Idoun, thats both mostly sad, and a bit funny. She's cheerful most of the time, but I do find her horror and sadness at Idoun's state to be memorable and its one of those rare moments Fae is completely serious without a trace of her silly "rawrs" and cravings.

    healer - Azama

    Just this weird tanky healer. Also this cynical, sarcastic guy who's trapped in tradition and serving a religion he doesn't believe in makes for some delicious, tasty irony. Maria does come in 2nd place, and Mitsu knows why (reasons quite similiar to mine), but I find that I use Azama much more often for babysitting new units so he takes this slot.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  9. Mukimpo

    Mukimpo Active Member

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    My version

    Sword - Ayra (with DD3 seal)
    Lance - camus (fury qr build)
    Axe - b!ike

    Archer - B!lyn
    Dagger - P!olivia (but really i never really use daggers)

    Red Tome - Celica (with dd3 seal) although i don't have her :/
    Blue Tome - Reinhardt
    Green Tome - sonya

    dragon - Nowi
    healer - Clarine (i am very loyal to her, been using her since wk1 playing)
  10. XRay

    XRay Active Member

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    Sacramento, California
    Friend ID:
    I will correct that. Was half asleep.
  11. xchan

    xchan Active Member

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    This is a nice threat.

    Red Sword: Ayra [​IMG]
    For the longest time I used Lucina as my red sword user, as I lacked Ryoma and Ike. Even after getting Ike in HF2, Lucina stayed relevant due to her being able to double more units. That changed when I got Ayra. That girl is so fun to use. She destroy almost every opponent thanks to trigger her special every round. It's quite nice to see her survive and destroy even lancers. Too bad that the reason why she is able to do that is due to powercreep stats.
    Honorable mention: Brave Roy [​IMG]
    He is also a really fun unit to use due to his native Galeforce, but mine being -atk makes him lose points.

    Blue Lance: Lancina [​IMG]
    I like team oriented characters, and Brave Lucina excells at that. With a weapon and drive skill to buffs her teammates, she has become my favourite lance by far. It doesn't hurt that she has a more than decent stat spread.
    Honorable mention: Azura [​IMG]
    She has been my go to dancer for ages thanks to her ability to dance and buff others while still being able to take a hit or two.

    Green Axe: Axura [​IMG]
    Axura's axe is like a dream come true to me. She has the hability to buff all units stats while giving it an extra turn, which is really awesome. She is more fragile than her lance counterpart, but her axe is worth it.
    Honorable mention: Bike [​IMG]
    Urvan + Steady Breath made him an increadibly enemy phase unit. I picked him as my free CYL pull and I have no regrets at all.

    Colorless Bow: Takumi [​IMG]
    He might have fallen from grace, but Takumi is still my favourite archer. His CC and decent stat spread made him a beast on arena during the early days, and I'm so glad I rerolled hard to get him as my initial unit.
    Honorable mention: None
    While I have Bride Cordelia and BowLyn, I find both quite boring units. I'm dying to put my hands on Innes, as his bow looks really fun, but unless he is featured in HF3, it might be hard for me.

    Colorless Dagger: Olivia [​IMG]
    I'm not really a dagger user. While I have several daggers at 5*, I'm not quite sure what to do with them. With Olivia, however, that changed. She being a dancer, but also a great mage baiter made me enjoy daggers. She was the dancer I used this past TT and I really loved it. Her tome having a healing effect was nice combined with BoL seal. Also, her art is gorgeous.
    Honorable mention: Sakuneko [​IMG]
    If Olivia was great at baiting mages, Sakuneko is a beast. Her stats and dagger makes her the ultimate mage killer and I'm having a lot of fun with her due to that.

    Red Tome: Arvis [​IMG]
    Arvis is hot, literally. Not to mention his flawless hair that makes his chibi the cutest of them all.
    He is also a great mage tank that can hit pretty hard while also triple ploying his enemies, or so I've heard... I kinda been distracted a bit.
    Honorable mention: Celica [​IMG]
    Celica is without doubts the best red mage in the game. Her tome is really great for attacking and can help her bait units more savelly. However, I wish her defensive spread would be more min-maxed, similar to Delthea's.

    Blue Tome: Delthea [​IMG]
    Like Rubi said, Delthea's stat distribution is so pretty that any other mage wishes to be her. To top it all, her tome allows her to be a buffing machine while still destroying most of the cast. And then there's that fang. What's not to love about her?
    Honorable mention: Swimsuit Corrin [​IMG]
    There's really not much about blue tomes. Reindhart might be the destroyer of worlds, but he is quite boring. I don't own Linde or Olwen, and Caeda and Bunnicina are just blade tome coockie cooters. Mae tome is interesting, but so far, there hasn't been a great unit to capitalize on it (Blue tome armor when IS?). Summer Corrin at least brings some extra mobility and has beautiful art.

    Green Tome: Halloween Henry [​IMG]
    Green tomes have been invaluable. Nino, Summer Elise, Julia, FRobin, Soren and even Inigo have been putting excelent work for me. However, there's something about Henry that keeps calling me. It might be his vampire side luring me, or just the fact that his excellent stat spread allows him to be built in so many ways. Owl, Raven, Blade. You name it and Henry will serve you perfectly (or is it the other way around?)
    Honorable mention: Bunnimilla [​IMG]
    While I mentioned other green mages before, I had to give Bunnimilla a special mention. Not because she is a great unit, but due to her Life for Bounty skill. I used her religiously on my first fight at the Training Tower daily since I got her even though I never use the crystals. Now that I got HNowi, I might give her some dererved rest.

    Breath User: Nowi [​IMG]
    There are really few dragons in the game, and some of those are even 5* exclusives. Out of the ones I own, I like Nowi the best, but I can't say much about her.
    Honorable mention: Ninian [​IMG]
    While Ninian is my least favourite dancer/singer, she is better than my non existant YTiki or my untrained Fae/FCorrin. Her art is really pretty though.

    Colorless Staff: Bride Lyn [​IMG]
    I really hate healers. The game is not well balanced for them, and in top of that they do pitty damage and are really slow to train. If I had to choose one it would be my BLyn thanks to her Dazzling Stuff + Candelight combo. It's nice not to have to worry about enemy phase units in AA during one round.
    Honorable mention: Genny [​IMG]
    Wrathful Staff.
  12. Gaodzilla

    Gaodzilla Youngest Peeper Around! Staff Member

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    The Local Pub
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    ... everything here is like 4 minutes log to read. But might as well.

    Sword: Ryoma because he was my very first 5 star. Always OP aaa fuck, broken as shit, and will almost always have 9999 SP.
    Lance: Camus. DC Lance users are lacking, also because he was one of my first 5 star blues. I didn’t build him, but he is +1, making my very first merged 5 star.
    Axe: Hector is fucking strong as shit, plus I summoned him in a 5 summon on hero fest along with Elise and Reinhardt.
    Breath: Y!Tiki (XRay I’m starting to use ur ways of stuff or something) because I don’t really have a favorite, nor do I have any familiarity with them.
    Staff: Bridal Lyn. Actually useable. Nuff’ said
    Dagger: Kagero. 1st 5 star on my second account. I climbed my way through story mode with her...
    Bow: BB! Lyn (Wtf XRay I can’t find my ! Mark) brokenness. I could never fix that.
    Tome: reinhardt because of Rubi’s meme. 5.5k SP.
  13. XRay

    XRay Active Member

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    Sacramento, California
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    You typed "!", so I assume you found it. "Descriptor!Name" is a convention I picked up when playing Awakening and going on to forums. It is a good short hand for describing different versions of the same character.
  14. XinYuanZhen

    XinYuanZhen Member

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    Friend ID:
    Note: These are favorite characters that I OWN.
    • Characters that I LOVE will get a heart (♡)
    • Characters that I like because of the way they are built will get a star (☆).
    - It’s already late for me, so i’ll write down small responses for each character.

    Characters can get both a heart and star.

    ♡☆ Sword: Lucina

    Lucina was my first 5 Star sword unit when I started Fire Emblem Heros. Lucina was also my daughter in my Awakening gameplay. Aside from personal feelings, she is a really good sword user. Lucina has Amazing attack and speed. Her speed allows her to double nearly any opponent she comes across. However, she isn’t in the meta, nor is she seen often in Arena.

    ☆Honorable Mention: Sigurd

    I honestly don’t have much love for Sigurd, but he is really powerful as a unit overall. He can be tough with magic attacks, while also standing his ground for physical attacks. He is a very powerful horse unit, having a higher rating than even Xander.

    ♡☆ Lance: Lukas

    Lukas in game is a tank who is infrantry in a summary. He is so good when it comes to talking hits, and he can also dish out attacks really well. His only concern is his lack of speed, and his vulnerability towards mages. I love his design, his voice actor, and how he practically babies Alm in the beginning of Fire Emblem Echoes.

    ♡ Honorable Mention: Berkut

    A honestly only like Berkut as a character. Berkut in his game had so much emotional setbacks, and his voice actor was so brilliant when it came to showing the jealously and hatred towards Alm. Berkut as a unit isn’t as good as a Camus, so I would rather use Camus than Berkut for battle.

    ♡☆ Axe: Brave Ike

    Brave Ike is really good when it comes to

    ♡☆ Honorable Mention: Fredrick

    ☆ Dragon Stone: Nowi

    ♡ Honorable Mention: Ninian

    ☆ Red Tome: Sanaki

    ♡☆ Honorable Mention: Arvis

    ☆Blue Tome: Reignheardt

    ♡Honorable Mention: Preforming Shigure

    ♡☆ Green Tome: Nino

    ♡ Honorable Mention: Preforming Inigo

    ♡☆Archer: Brave Lyn

    ♡☆ Honorable Mention: Halloween Jakob

    ☆Dagger: Halloween Sakura

    ♡☆ Honorable Mention: Saizo

    ♡☆ Healer: Azama

    Edit all dis later I am 2 tired to write my responses now

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    Still waiting for dem responses lmao.
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    I’ll edit them soon probably, if I remember. Been busy with other things that I forgot bout this comment.

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