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End Game Team Building Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Vaminion, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Vaminion

    Vaminion New Member

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    Credit goes to Solunare

    Colour Coverage is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!
    When I got to Chapter 6-5, I had Hector trapped in a room with an enemy Ryoma waiting to wail on him. This would've been more intimidating if Hector weren't vastly superior in levels and able to take him out in one hit.

    However, things aren't quite as easy as that in the Arena. At endgame, you should assume every player will have level 40 units. This means that you won't be able to brute force your way through every enemy unless your team has great coverage. Consider a team of four Lucinas: it would be great against four axe users, but you wouldn't stand much of a chance against four lance users. Every team you build, regardless of the theme, should aim to have two different colours AT THE VERY LEAST. Ideally all three.

    Then we have colourless units. These ones are interesting because whilst they won't ever have a bad matchup against any enemy units, they also won't have favourable ones. Working without any triangle bonuses means you'll likely need another unit to come in and provide a bit of extra damage unless you're Takumi. Colourless units are definitely worth considering in a team, but only if they don't harm your colour coverage too severly.

    A synergistic team will almost ALWAYS beat a team designed around brute force or a weak theme

    Consider the first example again. Sure, with four Lucinas you'll destroy any team with dragons or axe wielders you come across, but it takes one 5* Effie and any competent healer on the right map to put a stop to them. Add in a ranged unit for the damage and you've got four dead princesses. When building a team, you'll want to think about the role each character plays and where the strengths lie.


    Examples of team types

    - Hyper-offensive -


    • Lyn (Physical Damage Carry)

    • Lilina (Magical Damage Carry)

    • Takumi (Physical Damage Carry)

    • Linde (Magical Damage Carry)
    These teams focus on raw damage. Can run through teams provided the player has good strategy and placement, allowing them to make the most each character. However, highly reliant on player skill and the meta.

    What to look for on a Hyper-Offensive team:

    • High physical and magical damage

    • Range

    • Strong skills, or skills with low activation costs

    - Hyper-defensive -


    • Hector (Tank)

    • Nowi (Bulky Damage Dealer)

    • Tiki (Y) (Bulky Damage Dealer)

    • Sakura (Healer)
    Take damage, heal it off. Rinse and repeat. That's the general idea here. Teams like these will probably be the safest to take into Arena, but that doesn't mean you don't need to be careful. Unit placement is still incredibly important - you'll need to utilise choke-points and narrow passages to get the most value out of these bulky characters.

    What to look for on a Hyper-Defensive team:

    • High Defense and Resistance.

    • Ability to counter-attack

    - Balanced Team -


    • Hector (Tank)

    • Ryoma (Physical Damage Carry)

    • Linde (Magical Damage Carry)

    • Takumi (Ranged Damage Carry) OR Elise (Healer)
    This team is pretty standard. You've got full colour coverage in Hector, Ryoma and Robin, a designated tank and strong sources of both physical and magical damage. The last slot is pretty subjective: you could go with a healer if you find your tank is struggling to cope, or you could add another damage carry to help take down enemy units.

    What to look for on a Balanced team:

    • Complete colour coverage

    • Physical and magical damage

    • Range

    • Dedicated Tank

    • A Healer

    - Carry Repositioning -

    • Takumi

    • Roy

    • Sully

    • (Healer)
    This is an idea I've had which could be very effective in the right circumstance. The general principle is you have one unit to act as the carry, in this case that's Takumi. You have him attack or take down an enemy unit with his range attack and then use the support skills of your other characters (Draw Back from Sully and Shove from Roy) to reposition the carry to a safe position. The healer is there in case you find yourself in a spot where damage is inevitable, but it could be swapped out for a character more able to take the hits or another repositioning unit.

    What to look for on a Carry Repositioning team:

    • A high damage ranged carry

    • Mobile repositioning units.

    • Dancers

    • A Healer

    Keep in mind, all of these teams are theory-crafted examples. I have not tried any of them in Story or Arena. However, the concept and thinking behind each team should hopefully be quite clear. As long as you consider what each character brings to the table and how that strengthens the roles of your other units, you should be able to make some effective teams.

    Healers are very powerful units that you should include on your team... Sometimes...

    Healers are a bit of an anomaly at the moment. Some people argue that they're essential for the role they provide in supporting your other units, whereas others consider them a waste of a slot.

    The answer to this is, both arguments are right. Healers can be very strong, but only in the right teams. Here's what you should be asking yourself whenever you build a team.

    • Do I have a tank that would appreciate the support a healer gives?

    • Do I have any units with long skill charge times that would benefit from the extra survivability a healer offers?

    • Do I have one unit which must stay alive for my team to work, and would the healer help them survive?
    If you answered yes to any of these, you should definitely consider including a healer in your team.

    And a top tip: If you have a healer in your Arena defense team, unequip any offensive magic. If they have an offensive spell they can use, your healer will rush towards the enemy in an attempt to land an attack. More often than not, this will let the opponent pick them off for free, and the rest of your team will struggle to win with the disadvantage. If you only have a healing skill equipped, your healer should prioritise healing your units above all
  2. Illuminate

    Illuminate New Member

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    Very useful. Thanks for posting!
  3. xchan

    xchan Active Member

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    Great guide.

    I just got a good reroll (at least I think) with Takumi and Camilla at 5* (yay me!!), but the other 3 characters were 2 3* (Gunter and Lon'qu) and a second Camilla at 4*.

    Would you recommend running both Camillas until I get enough for more pulls or should I just use the one with 5*?

    Also what other members should I use with Camilla and Takumi? Is Gunter a good option or should I focus on other colors and run Lon'qu and Sharena for a while?

  4. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    I'd suggest running with Takumi, Camilla5*, Sharena, Lon'qu for a while or take out Lon'qu for a healer.

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