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Didn't expect that, did ya?! +10 Felicia get!

Discussion in 'Rants & Accomplishments' started by Alci, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Alci

    Alci New Member

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    Hey all! I've always loved Felicia, her clumsiness and unreliability was so endearing, and made her become one of the few characters I loved from Fates. So, I decided to +10 her in this game. She's got lots of builds and lots of skills to play around with, so here they are!

    She is a +SPD/-DEF Felicia, though I've been thinking trying for one that's +ATK, not really sure yet Blessing of choice is Gunnthra's Wind blessing, as I appreciate the extra RES it provides Felicia to keep her a bit more bulky. I was going to go for Fjorm's Water or L!Ike's Earth, but I... like the color green. Also, I don't use Fjorm much, and don't even have L!Ike, so there's that.

    Primary Sets - Felicia's Plate

    Set 1 - "You're just a stain!"

    Set 1 is built for complete annihilation of enemy units, and for good reason. A 51/51 offensive spread at +10 may not seem like much, but including the DEF/RES "ignore" and SPD Ploy setups from her kit, she doubles and maims a good number of units. Her support, Brave Lucina, also helps her a bunch with making sure she always doubles. It was very difficult choosing between LnD3 and Fury 3, but I decided my main set would be LnD3, since it helps her offense out a bit more. If I find that she's taking too much damage, then Fury 3 will be swapped in.

    Set 2 - "I think I deserve a raise!"

    Set 2 is dedicated mage (and even bow) bait! Running double DD3 grants her 33 DEF and 53 RES, and coupled with her 46 SPD and Guard, she can handily check most mages in the game, and even a few bowmen, depending on the setup. SPD Ploy is often switched out with ATK Ploy, just depends on the kind of units I'm running into.

    Set 3 - "I'm gonna break you!"

    Set 3 is more dedicated to debuffing than it is to baiting - running only one Distant Defense still leaves her with good matchups against most mages, but she loses out to bow users much more often. However, her seal slot is now dedicated to ATK Ploy, so depending on the positioning, she isn't actually taking too much more damage. I find this build helpful for the rest of the team, as Felicia can Ploy both their SPD/ATK, and assuming she attacks with her Plate, she can debuff all 4 of the target's stats.

    These are really the three main sets that I think my Felicia will be running now, particularly for T20 Arena. Felicia's Plate is just such a great prf weapon that she won't be running much of her old, more unique sets.

    Fun & Old Sets


    This was a fun little experiment - running "Slaying Dagger" alongside Flashing Blade, alongside both SPD/DEF ploys. With the ploys, Felicia often doubled (or avoided doubles) of many of the arena units she faced, and CA was there to primarily deal with the pesky Raven/TA users. It did the work, but alas, only lasted one month - wasn't expecting her own prf weapon!


    Just a standard healing set for chain challenges and Tempest Trials, though usually for the latter. It's value shines the most in TT as her good RES enables her to consistently check the mages that appear, as well as having enough SPD to double most physical units anyway, in addition to healing the rest of the party.


    The very reliable and standard "I hate mages" set. This absolutely crushed mages, though that was about it. It let her fill her niche as a mage bait very well, so at least she was great at that!

    This was... a *very* short lived build. I wanted to try it out, and it admittedly did the job, but anything that wasn't infantry (or any bulky infantry) basically swatted her attacks like a fly, so I replaced this with her more consistent builds.


    Alright, I'm not sure why I gave her Close Counter, but it was a 2AM decision for convenience, I guess. It's for that Camilla map, and I needed to get her more SP, and, well, this was the easiest way to have her auto it. Of course I wasn't running her Plate, I ran Poison Dagger instead. That did the job.

    Buff Bot

    No better offensive support for Felicia than Brave Lucina, if I do say so myself. Geirskogul and Drive SPD is very useful for giving Felicia the offensive boosts she may need in order to actually do damage or to double tons of other units. I only ever really ran them in Arena recently, but I love Felicia enough to show my dedication for her onto her support - with Steady Breath. It helps Brave Lucina get her Aether charges more frequently to keep her alive and deal decent damage in retaliation. Only reason why I chose this was because she was -SPD! Renewal 3 and Close Defense are standard for my buff bots, so they're able to stay alive more often. I'm thinking of replacing Renewal though, not sure what to put instead. QR? Who knows!

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Felicia has taken so much time and investment, with so many 5* units and feathers going into her. I believe the maxed units I've foddered to her equal to 11, being Jaffar (LnD3), Kagero (Poison Dagger), NY!Takumi (Kagami Mochi), PA!Olivia (Dancer's Fan), Celica (DD3), Titania (Guard 3), H!Sakura (Kitty Paddle), Mathilda (CA3), Deirdre (Spd Ploy), Takumi (Close Counter), and Mia (Flashing Blade). Every single one of the Felicia were upgraded with feathers as well, so... that's minimum 220k, not including the feathers needed for skill fodder. Sheesh.

    Our little maid mayhem is really just a cluster of skills from other units, though that makes her so versatile on the battlefield, as she always has been. I also need her at 4k HM, seeing it not at max is very upsetting. I'm still looking to experiment with her a bit and see if I can pull any more fun builds off (Flashing Blade + Felicia's Plate?), so I'll take any ideas!
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  2. XRay

    XRay Active Member

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    Sacramento, California
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    I think your +Spd is fine since it is the most versatile. It lets her run either a Player Phase, Enemy Phase, or debuffing set. +Atk is nice, but it limits Felicia to Player Phase builds as she could be out sped by offensive mages on Enemy Phase.

    I have not checked the calculator with Summoner Support, so +Atk might be okay.
  3. Nankaina

    Nankaina Member

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    Consider a windsweep build. Helps her shred DC melee units with minimal fear of that defense of hers.

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