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Character Unit Spotlight [Ophelia]

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by deathspadeii, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. deathspadeii

    deathspadeii Moderator+ Staff Member

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    Eccentric Mage
    5* Exclusive Unit

    Odin's granddaughter. Talented in the magic arts. Her choice of words is very questionable. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates.

    "Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy! I was in the middle of something! You can't just pull me out of what I was doing and expect me to fight for you! Oh, well, whatever. My name's Ophelia, and I've got a tome."

    Green Infantry Tome Unit

    Stats at Max Lvl:
    HP: 33/36/40
    ATK: 35/38/41 (Without Tome Equipped)
    SPD: 21/24/27
    DEF: 37/40/44
    RES: 20/24/27

    Skills available at 5*:
    Miselltaynn (14 MT, Rng 2. Enables counterattack regardless of distance if this unit is attacked.)
    Rally Up Atk/Spd+ (Grants Atk/Spd+6 to target ally and allies within two spaces.)
    Sturdy Stance 2
    Vantage 3
    Odd Special Wave 3 (At the start of odd-numbered turns, grants the following to unit and any adjacent allies: Accelerates special cooldown count (CD -1). (That turn only. Does not stack.))

    "Counting money is so fun. Here, you try! Ha! I'm only kidding. Why would I trust you with my money?"

    Move over, Ophelia! Ophelia is the new star of the show!
    Let's look at what she brings to the table, shall we?
    A brand new tome with a built in Close Counter mechanic! Well, isn't that just innovative! We don't have one of those!
    We also didn't have flying healers, but here we are!
    Miselltaynn is really unique because it allows her to deal damage at all ranges and shut down enemies like Hardin or L!Tiki with her rather high-ish attack.
    Rally Up Atk/Spd+ is like Atk/Spd Link, but better in my opinion, because it buffs allies within two spaces on two of the most vital stats.
    Let's all have a moment of silence for the obsolescence of Odin's Grimoire.
    Sturdy Stance and Vantage only help the effect of Miselltaynn. Nothing else to really say about these. You've gone against tier 20 arena defense teams. All they run is Vantage to cuck you out of a win, so that's why we have the Hoshidan Summer units.
    Odd Special Wave is a new one, and a cool one too. This skill is perfect for missions that take more than 5 turns to complete (*cough cough* TIKI ABYSSAL *cough cough*). It can help people who run Aether speed the special up so it can become spammable, kinda like the Lewyn's Reconstitution Formula (Forseti + Astra + Special Spiral).
    Is she good out of the box? Yes.
    Is she good with skill inheritance? Quick Riposte and Ignis. So, basically, yes.
    Is she good fodder? Odd Special Wave is just about the only thing you want to fodder, since Sing and Dance are the best assist skills in the entire game.

    Why You Would Want Ophelia:
    Ophelia is better than Ophelia, so she's an obvious go-to.
    Miselltaynn is overpowered.
    You've always wanted a good green mage with high defense and nuke potential (Shut up, Halloween Henry).
    You want all three of the Odin generations, and you can't wait for the inclusion of Owain to make that four.
    You love her....personality. Just like most of the men that play this game love Camilla's....personality.

    Why You Wouldn't Want Ophelia:
    You like Michalis and Nino too much to need Ophelia on your team.
    Odin is meh, and so was Ophelia. So you don't want this broken ass mage.
    She's not inexplicably sexual (For examples, please refer to Spring Kagero and Winter Tharja).
    You only like fast mages, and that speed stat makes your skin crawl.
    You already have a 5* +10 Boey! Why the hell would you need Ophelia?!?
    Currently trying to summon some of these saucy Halloween characters, or still trying to pull for your favorite performing artist (SHIGURE COME HOME PLZ)

    4 Special Trigger Quotes:
    "Vile miscreant!"
    "I shall have my victory!"
    "This is over!"
    "Surrender and this ends!"

    8 Standard Voice Lines:
    "Name's Ophelia, but you can call me Ophy."
    "Hey! Can you not?"
    "I'm pretty good with my magical arts. I train on the regular."
    "I've killed a lot of people. But they were all bad people, so it's fine!"
    "This tome has been passed down from generation to generation. I decided to rename it to give it some ostentatious flair, you know what I mean?"
    "Wonder how Mom's doing."
    "Direct my weapon towards your adversaries, and they'll be neutralized! Got it?"

    Defeated Voice Line:
    "How humiliating..."

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