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PvP can you please help with my team

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Lukas Povilonis, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Lukas Povilonis

    Lukas Povilonis New Member

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    If you can tell on what i should focus or some tips for team building, and hero builds. Now, I just tried to have a mix of type of damage and weapons.

    Current team:
    5* Robin (fallen): -atk/+res
    5* lyn (brave): neutral
    5* ike (vanguard): neutral
    5* Delthea: -def/+hp

    Ike feels good, he can handle quite a bit.

    Lyn feels ok (just ok), but i have no idea who i would swap her for.

    Deltha deels deceant damage, but from what I read nino seems to be amazing, so i'm trying to get her in. Hence, I'm thinking of investing in 4* nino (-def/+atk) and then using: lyn, ike, nino and fjorm. Also, this allows me to replace robin, i'm having hard time backing up ranged units, but he feels very good and stronger than fjorm.

    I haven't invested into any specials/passives, but I do have 3* odin, who could eventually pass moonbow to lyn.

    I also have
    5* Chrom (knight exalt): -hp/+atk
    5* fjorm: neutral
    5* sigurd: idk
    5* raven: idk

    Other 4* that might be note worthy:
    Nowi: -res/+spd
    Coredilia: -res/+atk
    shanna: -res/+atk
    soleil: idk
    tharja: idk
    erik: idk

    Any tips would be nice or some examples I should be looking when i roll (though this would be hard, since i'm not paying for orbs).

    Thank you and sorry for being such a newb.
  2. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    1. Fallen Robin is really strong, even with -atk. Keep him in the party.
    2. Lyn base kit and special is fine, don't need moonbow. if u wish, u can hand her a brave bow.
    3. that Nino is fine to make 5*, though her best IV is +spd.
    4. Chrom, Nowi and Cordelia are good. Nowi and Cordelia are worth the promotion.
    5. Do check IVs for the rest and report back.

    P.S. I have some links to guides below in my signature you may want to look at.
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