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News Calendar for March to Apr 2018

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by Locky, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    Its a month of BHBs, with 4 in sight and zero GHBs. 2 are new (chrom x lissa) and (nowi x tiki) while two are revivals (ninian x hawkeye) and (maria x minerva). Voting Gauntlet coming up again.

    inb4 the revival quest involve michalis in Maria/Minerva BHB. Also I wonder which version of Tiki (My guess is Atiki since both Nowi and Atiki are in awakening).

    We have banners incoming - the potentially interesting ones are the legendary banner, seasonal special heroes that last for a month, new heroes banner, "counter banner"...and hilariously "MIRACLE BANNER" (I will laugh if its Maria/lucius/Mist and whoever else has miracle).

    Illusory dungeon smells like Tap battle coming back again.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  2. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    Chronological order (Date for non Pacific Time):

    Mar 11th (12th):
    • Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials.
    Mar 13th (14th):
    • Summoning Focus: Counter Skills - Maybe Hector and Takumi? What is this.
    Mar 14th (15th):
    • Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties - New full length TT, featuring Grima as final boss.
    • Tempest Trials Log-in Bonus - Orbs!
    Mar 17th (18th):
    • Bound Hero Battle: Chrom & Lissa - Orbs!
    • Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle.
    Mar 19th (20th):
    • Weapon Workout Quests - Datamined rewards are (20 Stones, 20 Coins, 4 Pots, 600 Arena Medals, 100 Great Badges of every color, 2 Orbs).
    Mar 20th (21st):
    • Summoning Focus: Weapons to Refine.
    Mar 21st (22nd):
    • Special Heroes Summoning Event - New Seasonal Banner.
    • Special Heroes Log-in Bonus - Orbs!
    Mar 22nd (23rd):
    • Illusory Dunegon - More Tap Tap LuL
    Mar 24th (25th):
    • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Ninian & Hawkeye.
    Mar 26th (27th):
    • Earth Blessing Quests.
    Mar 27th (28th):
    • Summoning Focus: Heroes with Miracle - [​IMG]
    Mar 28th (29th):
    • Legendary Hero Summoning event - The 5th LHSE. Rumor is that the Legendary Hero here is the Colorless Dragon.
    Mar 30th (31st):
    • Voting Gauntlet Log-in Bonus - Orbs!
    Mar 31st (Apr 1st):
    • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Minerva & Maria - Is IS trying to pump these BHBs / BHB reruns out as quick as possible? We have a new BHB and 2 BHB Reruns in March alone.
    Apr 2nd (3rd):
    • Summoning Focus: 4* and 5* Heroes - Monthly fodder banner.
    Apr 3rd (4th):
    • Voting Gauntlet - Wowee!
    Apr 5th (6th):
    • Quests for Chain Challenge and Squad Assault.
    Apr 6th (7th):
    • Summoning Focus: Cooldown Bonuses - ¿Que?
    Apr 9th (10th):
    • Bound Hero Battle: Tiki & Nowi - Has the time come? The ultimate dragon duo? This Tiki is most definitely TikiA because both Nowi and TikiA appears in FE13.
    • Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle - Not a very good banner tbh, TikiA is available at 3* and Nowi at 4*.
    Apr 10th (11th):
    • New Heroes Summoning Event - New Non-Seasonal Banner.
    • New Heroes Celebration Log-in Bonus - Orbs!
  3. Xovan

    Xovan New Member

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    So, with the introduction of the 4th category of colorless characters (Bows, Daggers, Staff users and colorless dragons) there will no longer be a symetry :
    - 3 red
    - 3 greens
    - 3 blues
    - 3 colorless

    With that in mind, we can expect having more new categories in the future... maybe beasts ? Or are beasts the new colorless dragon considering feh is the most simplified version of all the fe's... ? we'll see. What do you think ?
  4. Rubi

    Rubi Moderator Staff Member

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    There doesn't need to be a symmetry in the first place, I doubt they'll add anything else anytime soon.

    As to the question are beasts the new colorless dragon: No. Beasts aren't weak to falchions, it wouldn't make sense that falchions have effective damage against them.
  5. Evan

    Evan Active Member

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    Seasonal banner? Too early for Easter... can’t wait to see what it is
    Probably is Easter
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018 at 9:47 AM

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