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Budget Priscilla at 4*star.

Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by 4dbest, Jul 13, 2018 at 5:40 AM.

  1. 4dbest

    4dbest Member

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    Well Im running out of feathers after building Nowi and Atiki Im down to my final 100000 feather if I continue so I wont be farming anymore. My barracks still filled with 4 stars so I started merging most like Donnel Ogma Seliph maybe the remaining 60000 feathers I get for this month I will use to give them good weapons, but these units are always filled by another powercreep unit while Priscilla is my second healer,spent only 40000 feathers rather than building her up to 160000 feathers which seems a luxury.
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