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Bike HP+/SPD- or SPD+/HP-?

Discussion in 'Heroes & Skills' started by mudyez, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. mudyez

    mudyez New Member

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    He is my summoner support unit and will be a +2 merge afterwards.

    I'm F2P budget, thus not feeding 5*s. I don't care much about Arena and just want a nice team to clear GHB and so on.

    Currently I'm using the HP+/SPD- one with distant defense seal and he is great for me. Only some mages and the best swords cause problems, but even that is not often the case as the nice HP pool makes up for a lot of stuff and Aether most of the time is ready fast enough.

    That said, I like him, thus hesitating to switch to the SPD+/HP- one.

    What are the pros and cons and what Budget build do you like on either one? Ranged units just run into to Urvan effect but melee don't attack immediately when doubling! Is Vantage an option?

    If using the speed one a QR melee expert build seems right. If staying with the current one, he is more all around right? After all I want more of a all purpose unit and not an expert.

    Please help!

    I'm usually running him with a Blyn+2, a Broy+2 and an Axura, even though Bcelica is in play as well and Mist is his ally support (I might change that). The two Cavs (sometimes even a Rein) give me firepower, so I feel Bike doesn't have to.

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