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Banner Opinion:Farfetched Heroes

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Gaodzilla, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Gaodzilla

    Gaodzilla Bye.

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    Well since I'm waiting for Locky to do his, imma make my own.

    Now with this new banner, with Lyte, Mia, and Dorcas, I have sum opinions bout' whether or not this banner is actually worth those Paralogue orbs, and with some biased opinions, I have made my personal opinion about this banner. Note that this will only take base kits, not Stats or Inheritence.

    Weapon: Weirding Tome
    Assist: Rally Atk/Res
    Special: None
    A Slot: HP+4/Res+2
    B Slot: None
    C Slot: Res Ploy 3

    Now Lute somewhat resembles a Blue Arvis, with a Tome that lowers Speed based on red, along with Res Ploy, allows for 2 debuffs in the cardinals directions, which is already pretty strong in itself. It also gives a small amount of speed, which is nice for doubling. She comes along with Rally Atk/Res, which could find some use on a buffer, and HP+4/Res+2, which isn't exactly the best A slot, but it's pretty decent, sickness it allows for better chances for debuffs.

    Weapon: Resolute Blade
    Assist: None
    Special: Luna
    A Slot: Flashing Blade 3
    B Slot: Vantage 3
    C Slot: None

    Mia shares many similarities to Ayra, but does have differences: some negative and some positive. Ayra's Blade passive is now on Mia's A Slot, and now she has Wo Dao 2.0. It has the standard +10 damage, but now also carries +3 attack, allowing for a higher attack stat. She has Luna, which is pretty good with the Wo Dao effect, allowing her to smash high defense units. Vantage is also included, but it isn't really as important as the other skills, as Flashing Blade ha snuck more potential than Vantage.

    Weapon: Stout Tomahawk
    Assist: None
    Special: Draconic Aura
    A Slot: Fierce Stance 3
    B: Quick Reposte
    C Slot: Infantry Pulse

    Since everyone here is talking about this being Hector 2.0, I'll give my opinion, which I have posted before, here.

    "He is pretty much an infantry Hector, lacking in Def and HP by small margins, and loses his ability to get Armor buffs in exchange for 1 more space of movement. I will say it is 3.9/5. Some people might be shocked, but let me state my claim. The reason why Hector is good is because of his A Slot and his weapon, which has QR 2. Now what makes his good is that he already has the stats that he doesn’t need something like Fury to buff then, since he already has those stats to use, and now he doesn’t need the B Slot for QR and can take Vantage instead. Now with Dorcas, he has DC on his weapon, which does give him the ability to have Fury, by he can’t take Vantage, one of the prime reasons you take Hector, so that you can double, and then counterattack. Fierce STance is nice, and I’ll give you that, but is it really that useful when he can rise it after taking hits, which will soon end up killing him from like a Dire Thunder double? No it won’t."

    Now with my very scrambled words, it might be a bit hard to follow along, but what I said was how much better Hector is with pretty much 2 B Slots instead of one, while Dorcas only has access to one B Slot, and Hector still has a higher BTS and access to Armor buffs. He's not bad, but Hector is almost always better, besides moving only 1 space. The only thing I missed out on was how he also has Infantry Pulse, but Hector has more base HP, so he's a better abuser of it.

    Final verdict, most of the units are fine. Dorcas is arguably a worse Hector, while Lute and Mia look pretty strong, but I would just hold onto your orbs for a bit.

    Well that's it, my wonderful opinion about the new heroes. Please inform me about anything I may have missed, and tell me about anything I got wrong. Thanks for reading!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
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