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Awesome 4*s Guide: Green Heroes

Discussion in 'Guides' started by NOS, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. NOS

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    Credit goes to RemorsefulWhim.

    DISCLAIMER: This does not reflect the potential stat gains a 5* character may have over a 4* one, as we do not have comparisons for maxed out 4* units yet. This list is only for the purposes of showing useful characters and the abilities which you can make use of without fully promoting them. Any units not included in this list may still be useful, I simply do not have them to experiment with.

    Camilla: Green Melee Flying

    • Specialty: Brave Axe / Savage Blow

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 3 Might, (???)

    • Verdict: I don't own any version of her, and the information out there says that the only thing she misses as a 4* is the increased damage of her final weapon. If this is true, then there's no reason not to bust her out as you progress— Brave weapons are a big deal with their initial double attacks, and being able to stack damage on enemies indirectly with Savage Blow can put some very dangerous enemies within range of a OHKO. Let's be honest though: you'll probably want to boost her to 5* as soon as you can, because of her huge... stat gains.
    Raven: Green Melee Infantry

    • Specialty: Brave Axe

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 3 Might, -1 Defense aura debuff

    • Verdict: A grounded Camilla without the AoE damage, or her huge... wyvern. He heals when his special procs and has a nice Defense debuff, so if you didn't get your waifu from the banner, then Raven is ready to fill her huge... boots.
    Arthur: Green Melee Infantry

    • Specialty: Blue Killer

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, 20% HP threshold on Lancebreaker

    • Verdict: This goofy axeboy only knows how to do one thing: kill blue units. He does +20% damage against them, and can prevent lance users from making follow-up attacks. He's not good at much else though. He's fine? Maybe he'll be more relevant when there are bigger blue threats in the character pool.
    Gunter: Green Melee Cavalry

    • Specialty: Harsh Command

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, +2 Defense when initiating

    • Verdict: It's worth noting that he's got a +6 Attack and Speed buff for adjacent cavalry allies, but the really unique thing at his disposal is his Assist move. This allows you to safely engage with enemies sporting nasty debuffs by flipping them into buffs, but it also means characters who might debuff themselves can gain sudden, unexpected bursts of strength if he's on the team. I'm not sure if Minerva's Life and Death passive works like that, but if anyone has her and can explain exactly how (and when) it applies, that'd help a lot. Besides all that though, he's just a strong duder! I think he's going to fill an interesting niche for a long time to come.
    Hawkeye: Green Melee Infantry

    • Specialty: Faster AoE Nuke Special

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, +2 Attack when initiating

    • Verdict: As far as I can tell this is the only character with one of those huge AoE specials who gets an accelerated timer on it. It's only 1 charge shorter, but it's still an opportunity some of the other nukers wouldn't get in a lot of scenarios.
    Frederick: Green Melee Cavalry

    • Specialty: Armor Killer / Warp

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, 10% HP threshold on Wings of Mercy

    • Verdict: He's got a hammer, and his special ignores Defense. He will tear armored units apart. He's not just one trick on a pony, though: he can warp to wounded allies, giving him even crazier mobility than a cavalry unit would normally enjoy.
    Cherche: Green Melee Flying

    • Specialty: Armor Killer

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, +1 Defense aura buff

    • Verdict: She may not be as brutal as Frederick in killing armored units, but being a flying unit with Pivot means she's got her own interesting range of movement. Comparing her to other wyvern riders, she may not have Camilla's huge... damage potential, but she'll do in a pinch.
    Sheena: Green Melee Armored

    • Specialty: BIG DEFENSE

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might

    • Verdict: You know... if I had this one, I'd probably actually want to 5* it. 1 charge defensive special from melee range, negates the effects of armor killer weapons, and a +6 Defense and Resistance buff for other armored units? Good god. If Gwendolyn was the offensive core of the All-Armored team, Sheena is the defensive core. Hell they would probably go great just the two of them!
    Bartre: Green Melee Infantry

    • Specialty: Armor Killer / Smite

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, Fury 3

    • Verdict: Fury units are risky, but this one could really work. He's got a hammer to take down the heaviest enemies, he's a 2 movement unit with a 2 space push, and he can use his Fury to trigger his extra follow-up attack through Brash Assault. Keep a healer handy just in case.
    Barst: Green Melee Infantry

    • Specialty: Brave Axe

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 3 Might

    • Verdict: His Knock Back passive means you need to think hard about how you're going to attack with him, but he can create opportunities for you, and that double attack is always useful.
    Beruka: Green Melee Flying

    • Specialty: Lunge

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might

    • Verdict: Her special is nice, and charges quickly, but the interesting part here is how she swaps places with enemies she attacks. This can be vital for opening up enemies in choke points on the map, although it's very risky.
    Nino: Green Caster Infantry

    • Specialty: Gronnblade

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, +1 Attack aura buff

    • Verdict: Hey look, it's green Tharja! That's all I've got. Seriousy, just buff her up and go to town.
    Cecilia: Green Caster Cavalry

    • Specialty: Gronnraven

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, 1 Attack

    • Verdict: Her weapon grants advantage against colourless foes, which is really useful. She also has Escape Route, which might save someone's life every once in a while. I'm not particularly wowed by her but she's a solid unit, and cavalry casters are a rarity right now.
    Fae: Green Dragon Infantry

    • Specialty: Utility

    • 4* -> 5* Gains: 4 Might, -1 Attack aura debuff

    • Verdict: Regardless of what her stats make her, she can do a lot of interesting things. She can double buff her allies when she attacks, debuff in an AoE, she can heal 10 HP every other turn, and she's even got movement utility. Too bad she turns into a giant chicken, but maybe that's your thing? Maybe you had a crush on Big Bird when you were younger? I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to tell you that it's not the end of the world if you use her as a 4* unit. You probably should promote her though, it looks like her base stats just get way bigger.
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