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News 9th July 2018 Update

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by Locky, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    New Units are : Linde, Ytiki, Takumi, Camilla

    - We now have 4 takumis (all colorless), and 4 Camillas (2 green, 1 red, 1 blue)

    1. Summer Tempest Trials

    - Bonus units : new summer units, sTana, sGaius, sCorrin, Masked Marth.
    - Boss fight : Summer Atiki
    - seals : Spd Ploy, Hp/res 2, FLASHING news BLADE
    - reward unit: masked marth (lol)

    2. Bound Hero Battle Elise/Leo

    3. New Refines

    - Katarina: Prf Owltome, refine : Spd/Res Ploy 2.

    - Titania : Prf Emerald Axe, refine : Res Tactic 3.

    - Nephenee : Slaying +armorslayer (-1CD and armor effective), refine : spd/def stance (+4 spd/def when enemy initiate).

    Move aside, Arvis, katarina is a new ploymaster.

    4. Arena Bonus Units
    - Legendary Hector, New Summer units, Lyon, Lloyd, Shanna, Leif, Anna.

    5. Tactics Drills
    • A new gamemode "Tactics Drills" is being added with the Version 2.7.0 update.
    • All units are preset, you don't use your own units.
    • Both your turn and the enemy turn counts as a "phase", so a map that must be completed in three phases will have two player turns and one enemy turn respectively.
    • There are three difficulty tiers in Tactics Drills, and you will receive rewards (Orbs, feathers, etc.) for completing them for the first time.
      • Basics will teach you the basic rules of combat and their mechanics. This gamemode is recommended for newer players starting the game.
      • Skill Studies will teach you about using various skills.
      • Grandmaster will be advanced versions of the maps and are recommended for advanced players. You must complete Book 1, Chapter 13 before being able to play this mode.
    6. Misc QoL updates
    • Before, multiple pop-ups would appear when making progress towards or completing quests. This has been changed so that all rewards and progress is shown in one screen.
    • On the map selection screen, the screen will automatically scroll to new maps now.
    • Battle Music is being added to the Settings menu, allowing you to enable/disable music during battle sequences. This can also be set to play only during special music instead.
    • Event Recap is being added to the Miscellaneous menu, allowing you to see previous conversations from past events.
    • A restart option is being added in the menu to any mode that does not use stamina (Grand Hero Battles, Tactics Drills, etc.).
    7. wtf is dis

    - enemies can now equip accessories and seasonal meme weapons.
    - Summer Ytiki's breath weapon DOES have adaptive damage.

    Source: https://nf.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/8x9pdk/summer_tiki_skill_description_correction/
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
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  2. Nobodyshero2727

    Nobodyshero2727 Member

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    Summer Camilla!! Now we can have Camilla Emblem, so Pumped!!!

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