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Event 4th February - Developer Maps

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by Locky, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Locky

    Locky Moderator Staff Member

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    Developers are back with a vengeance, more inheritance, and stupid buffs on these new maps! You might even recognize the names of particularly evil ones

    mk1 : The Effectives - 3 wolftome users (including Inigo) and Ephraim, so hold your horses.
    Shingoroid: Long & Short - 2 fliers, Effie, and Jaffar. Nothing special.
    Kuroyagi : Wrys Bodyguard - Wrys, Fae, Fjorm and Hjakob. Leave jakob for last, he has no way of moving beyond 1 step.
    Ngyope : Complete Hex - potentially annoying one with razzle dazzle healers, 1 Axura and a random sword Lyn. Cheese with a good archer and your own dancers, nobody has high def.
    k2 : manakete squad - this guy is back again but with lightning breath upgrades.

    Feel free to discuss your problems, as well as share solutions.
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  2. Beastmode

    Beastmode Active Member

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    Just got through hex. Final battle used Ryoma with Distant D seal, TA Robin, Fjorm, and Dancer.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  3. Evan

    Evan Active Member

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    When I did mk1 I didn’t check first and I sent Lyn in head on and my jaw dropped.

    As far as Wrys body guard, his Jakob ain’t jack shit
  4. Jimmy

    Jimmy Active Member

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    K2 is hell. Even hard was damn hard plus the map has improved defense all over.

    For lunatic I had to use one light's blessing to complete the quest.
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