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New Profile Posts

  1. Tastumuri
    I am doing great today, but I am still curious...Why haven’t they given Azura:LOTL her refined weapon? Aka: Light/Divine Lance
  2. OPhelia
    FEH Pass still annoying af. Just not talking about it because there's nothing new to say about how shitty it is.
    1. Beastmode likes this.
  3. Beastmode
    Sweet. My FEH pass quests are done! Wait I can't collect? Can someone remove that damn floating six in my hall?
  4. Ryoma The High Prince
    Ryoma The High Prince
    It's been a while since anyone's commented on here.
  5. Locky
    oh look, this new profile post is about Locky going on a trip again. I'll be back on 13th Nov, but I will still be watching all of you.
    1. tautet
      dunno if 'being back' is right, but hf there :D
      Oct 31, 2019
  6. 4dbest
    100k to go 999999 feathers even asram is cheap
    1. tautet
      your device is gonna explode!!!! :O
      Sep 21, 2019
  7. Ryoma The High Prince
    Ryoma The High Prince
    Brave Eligod is coming. The chain of command will soon shatter.
  8. deathspadeii
    I can finally flaunt the fact that I cleared Sothis Abyssal without people assuming I relied on PM1. Why? Because he didn't clear it! XD
  9. deathspadeii
    I got a Legendary Alm (aka S!Gaius powercreep). Time to blaze through all the Abyssal maps!
  10. VideogamemasterVGM
    VideogamemasterVGM xchan
    hey, noticed you were on, think you could help me with something?
    1. xchan
      How can I help you?
      May 17, 2019
  11. Marcus
    I like this Golden Week!
  12. Marcus
    Askr Trio 5* full SI complete!
  13. deathspadeii
    Bruno is a spring blessing! And I have him at good IVs too (+def -res)! 1 down, 2 to go!
  14. TravMaster
    -social skills +depression
    1. OPhelia
      I like you. Will you stay here?
      Mar 4, 2019
  15. 4dbest
  16. Locky
    On overses trip from 1st Feb to 10th Feb...don't toast the forums folks.
    1. Evan likes this.
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    3. Evan
      Enjoy your trip dude!
      Feb 3, 2019
    4. OPhelia
    5. tautet
  17. deathspadeii
    Duma's is the fastest I've cleared any Abyssal. (cleared 8 hrs after drop). His is also the most stressful ABYSSAL I've ever cleared.
  18. JoeTheLB03
    Waiting for L!Azura to get a tier...
  19. deathspadeii
    I've been on this site for a year and I'm shocked to find that xchan is 32 years old. Does that make me like him more? Yes. Yes, it does.
  20. deathspadeii
    I am currently rethinking life. I completed Azura's ABYSSAL with...wait for it...SUMMER FREDERICK AND THREE DANCERS. None were merged, btw.